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By Larszig | Larszig | 4 Jan 2021

I wasn’t interested in crypto currencies because I have no idea that it will be converted into real cash. I have watched videos of several influencers about how they earn free crypto coins but still I'm uncertain about it until I start to try it myself.


Game App

I began earning crypto coins with games and apps. At first I was convinced that indeed crypto is real when I tried converting the crypto coins I earned to real cash. There are a lot of games in playstore/appstore that can earn crypto coins like BCH and BTC.

I have tried games from Bling like Bitcoin blast and I really earned bitcoins however i discontinued because i have no more time in playing game apps and or online gaming.


I also tried crypto faucets, you know you can earn crypto coins here by watching video ads or completing a survey task they also offer games. However, I find it slow earning but if you have determination and extra time to devote to this you can earn more.


Yes you can gamble using your earned crypto coins. I tried it several times and bet but i guess i have no luck in any gambling methods so i stopped.


There is also another way for earning crypto coins and one of it is through mining. You can use your personal computer or smartphone. Some created their crypto mining rigs for a higher revenue. 

I tried several times mining crypto coins with my PC and android phone and yes I earned by means of this method. However my experience particularly with the device performance was not good. I only have core i5 with my laptop and it turned out to be slower when I used it for mining and at the same time using it with other tasks. Besides you can only earn 0.000043 Bitcoin if you just keep your PC on for 7 days which is equivalent to $1.

If you have enough budget you can build your own mining rig and it will cost you for at least 200 dollars.

Blogging (Content writing)

So far this the method I take more consideration in earning crypto coins. If you think you are good at writing stuff or anything interesting you can try this one. This is the fastest way of earning crypto coins for me as of this time. I have been blogging for at least five years but I have earned a single coin from it until only recently that I found a website that can earn passive income by means of blogging.

Earning crypto coins is just my pastime because  I have a regular job. Unlike other influencers and internet marketers that earn a lot of crypto coins because they are doing it full time.

If you are just starting how to earn extra income online, I suggest you register to any earning site and start with blogging or writing contents. There are also social media platforms that pay it’s users for every post. If you are not into crypto thing. However you need to reach a certain amount before you can withdraw it and it take months. 

There are a lot of ways on how you can earn free crypto coins on the internet like staking, farming, micro task freelancing to name but a few. You just have to make time and determination if you really want to earn extra cash online. Anyway, I hope this post will motivate you to earn passive income particular to crypto coins. Why not include this to your new year's resolution for 2021? 

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