Totally Free £10 Bitcoin, No Deposit or Spend Of Any Kind Needed with Luno! (UK Only)

By ukheather | ukheather | 24 Oct 2021

If you are in the UK, you can get £10 Bitcoin totally free with no spend needed with Luno!

This is to get people who are new to Bitcoin, into Bitcoin! They want more people to learn about Bitcoin and get into it. By giving you £10 free Bitcoin, more people will want to get into Bitcoin and learn more about it along the way.

It is 100% legitimate, myself and many others have taken advantage of this.

You do need to be over 18 and in the UK. You will need to verify your ID and then you get your £10 Bitcoin. You can complete this whole process in just a few minutes!

How to get the free £10 Bitcoin:
  • Use the website or download the app and register -
  • Verify your ID  (This is required in all financial institutions for fraud and money laundering reasons)
  • Enter code BPHWRIGHT in the rewards tab
  • Get £10 Bitcoin instantly!

It is that simple and you get your £10 to use as you like, but I do recommend you save it for future and see how it goes, you can even open an interest wallet and get interest on your Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is most definitely here to stay and so many people still don't know anything about it and are often intimidated by it as they know so little. If this sounds like you, then please don't just click away, take advantage of this so you get £10 Bitcoin free for you to keep and also I recommend that you attend of the events mentioned below as you will learn a lot even as a complete newbie or even if you aren't new to Bitcoin.

They also have free events where you can learn more about Bitcoin. Totally free events that are well worth joining if you are new to Bitcoin but also if you are not new as there is always things to learn. You can read more about the events and find when the next one is here. I highly recommend you join one event. They are free and you learn a lot from them, even if you know a bit about Bitcoin you can learn new things out!

If you think this sounds too good to be true, I can assure you that it is very real from a safe, legitimate established company, and it works!

If you need even more help signing up, you can ask and I will be happy to help, or you can read an in depth signing up guide here.




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