Monetize your time :- Is it possible ? Let's find it out.

By Mankoo | CroptoManiac ! | 31 Jul 2022

Yes, you have heard it right because as you have already monetize your writing skills after joining the PublishOx , similarly you can monetize your every single works that you used to do on the other social media.

How does it possible?

Yes, it's only possible with the world’s first social metaverse, Uhive, where your every single action is monetized through the Blockchain technology as its decentralized social media as well as your time that you will spend there, means when you spend more time then you will get more values of monetization.

How it's works?

It's actually built on the decentralized economy where revenue is generated through the circular economy inside the app itself. And the users get a valuable amount of share back as the form of cryptocurrency which users can sell from anywhere in the world to change into their fiat currency. So don't be late and join the revolution now, just go to play store or istore and download the Uhive. Don't forget to use code "ZUH8VT" for the extra bonus. If you have any query regarding it you are most welcome.

Have you any questions regarding it?

If you still have any questions regarding it, I am here always available for your query. Don't be so late otherwise you will miss another important opportunity to dive into the successful people of the world.

If you would like to connect with my other social network then you are most welcome 


As I have already mentioned about above it and If you haven't joined yet then just go to playstore or istore and land in the decentralized social metaverse and don't forget to use the code ZUH8VT for the bonus.

Twitter alternative which is powered by Bitcoincash network as you will be paid out the same things as you do in the twitter.

We can just say the other sites like our publish0x community where your blog will be sponsored and tipped in Bitcoincash.

Thank you. 

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