Five Laws of Metaverse :- Let's find out.

By Mankoo | CroptoManiac ! | 14 Jul 2022


Being the ambassador of the Uhive, its my dusty to make you all aware about the the five laws that we are following that must be followed by any social metaverse. Although, there may be made many Laws regarding it but what's the most effective laws which bring revolution to the social metaverse should be as follows.. 

Law #1 A Metaverse must offer complete freedom by utilising decentralization wherever possible

Law #2 A Metaverse must aim to create a global universal income for every single user by allowing and facilitating the distribution of wealth

Law #3 A Metaverse must democratize the entire social system by allowing users to control its policies through councils and public boards

Law #4 A Metaverse must be based on the circular economy, meaning everything is considered a digital asset, and is sellable and tradable using the blockchain

Law #5 A Metaverse must encompass the above Laws, simulating human existence across the ages, and acting as a bridge to our physical world generating infinite possibilities. 


Inspite of these, there was many things which has been changed now for our users, for their ease of using the metaverse. Hope you would love the entire update from the developer. Let's have a lot at the following changes which as been made with new updates... 

What's New gigital-assets-1.png All of your digital assets on one screen, it’s now easier than ever to acquire, create, trade, analyze your digital assets. spaces.png Buy your next space with one click, select the price range and it’s yours. Check the "Spaces" screen under Digital Assets affiliate-users.png Why be like the others?! Create a space name that no one will ever own on this social network via the "Space names" screen under Digital Asses improved-user-profile.png Improved user profile; check your achievements, your favorite posts, spaces and all followers with one swipe dividends-for-all-email.png Hurry up and make sure to Join Dividends for All to get your daily rewards! Freedom-of-speech-email.png 100% freedom of speech (community moderation) is now public to all users search-and-discover.png Enhanced search functionality. vote-feature.png Now you can vote for the next big feature we release (it’s your roadmap, now) improvments-and-bug-fixes.png 100+ bugs fixes and Improvements.   What's i have most love is that now you can vote for the next big feature which can bring just by your vote.  Let's have your opinion that which features you would like to add in the application.  

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Thank you. 


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