Rollercoin Weekly Rewards Update

By Stewby_Doobz | Gaming P2E | 2 May 2022

Announced earlier today the power rewards for the next week are:

  • BNB - up to .018 from .012
  • Matic - up to 5 from 3
  • RLT - Up to 40 from 30


Get your power arranged however you think would best benefit you.  I've most recently just started mining only one coin at a time.  If you're new to rollercoin but would like to know more, please check out some of my older post.  To get started mining crypto for free today and also earn an additional 1,000 satoshi, use this referral link: 


I also anticipate later today.... hopefully... they will be announcing something in regards to 4 year anniversary! Stay alert!  Thanks for your time!

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Gaming P2E
Gaming P2E

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