Why Banano? Well, even my kid loves it.

By udincc | udin.cc | 1 Dec 2021

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I’ve known cryptocurrency since 2015, but only started trading since 2017. At that time, I mostly traded bitcoin and ethereum on our local exchange (Indodax), and just like Vinny Gambini said: “Um, you know. Win some, lose some”.

A few years later, I have a daughter that started to know a little bit about money. I was thinking of a method to teach her more about the concept of money, and then I decided to use cryptocurrency to teach her.

Because I have some XLM on my wallet, I decided to just use it and install two wallet apps (lobstr and solar wallet) on my second phone and show it to her. But she didnt seem to like it, maybe because it was too “formal”.

After a few hours searching for a coin with a nice looking wallet, I found Nano. I learned about it for a few hours, read the whitepaper, the tutorial, and so on. Ah, I finally knew the right coin for my need. So I decided to see the chart from coinmarketcap (to find the right price point before making a buy order), and when I type nano on the search bar, I saw Banano in the search result.

“What kind of coin is that?” was my first reaction.
So I did a little digging for more information. I laughed a few times while reading the yellowpaper, and I thought, “Awh man, this looks like a fun coin”. So I decided to install Kalium, hit some faucet, and really enjoy the fast and feeless transaction.

Now that I have the right coin for my need, I just need some more Ban before I use it. I created an account on coinex using my real name, sent about $50 worth of XLM, and then bought about 5500 Ban. I sent all of it to my wallet, and begin teaching my daughter about the concept of money.

My concept on how to teach her about the concept of money is really simple. I made a list that shows how much banano she can earn for doing some chores (like tidying up her bed, storing her dolls, etc), how much banano does it cost to buy some snack (I bought the snack from a nearby minimart and store it the kitchen), and how she can earn more banano from saving (I gave her a 0.001% interest if she save some Ban on her wallet) or investing (I gave her 0.005% daily interest if she send some Ban to another address that I have).

After a couple of days of doing that kind of transaction, she told me “Dad, I really like the monkey money, can I use it to buy some snack from the minimart?”. I laughed, and then told her that while it is technically a kind of money, too, we can not use it to buy anything from the minimart (at least not yet), and that it is just a way to teach her about the concept of money.

Well, she understood, and then she told me that sometimes she open the “monkey money” apps just to add new account and see some monkey in different style.

Well, that is a little story about why I love Banano, and why I decided to join the discord server. After just a week hanging out in the Jungle, I can honestly say that I feel at home there, the people is nice (well, there are some trolls too, but a fun troll) and the community is so active with a lot of projects.

Anyway, thanks for reading my story. :)

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