U Network & Trust Dice

Trust Dice team is excited to announce a new partnership with U Network (UUU coin-ERC20)
By cooperating with U Network in games, Trust Dice will deliver increased transparency and greatly expand the value of tokens and the number of use cases on the ETH blockchain. In addition, the partnership will bring innovation to the world crypto market and impact major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ETH, and EOS.


The benefits that all users across the crypto world can obtain from the new U Network and Trust Dice partnership include:

1) Free crypto: Claim free UUU coin from Faucet (Coinbox).

2) UUU wager competition: A unique chance to increase the number of UUU coins you have.

UUU (ERC20):
U Network is a decentralized content asset storage, notarization, distribution, publishing and valuation network based on blockchain technology. Based on the Ethereum network, ERC20 standard UUU coins are the native token of U Network. UUU coins allow every individual to transform their own digital content into assets within the U Network ecosystem. 
Learn more about this project and play with it in Trust Dice game!

Trust Dice:
Trust dice is one of the top gaming platforms on EOS blockchain and is currently ranked in the TOP 5 BTC games in the near future. All Trust Dice players can claim free Bitcoin, EOS, ETH every day. Bet and win in the best crypto casino by playing our Dice & Crash game, powered by decentralized blockchain technology — fully transparent and probably fair. Come have fun in Trust Dice. We are waiting for you!

To play the game: https://trustdice.win/?ref=u_medium
To follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/Trust_Dice
To join our telegram: https://t.me/trust_dice
To join our reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TrustDice/
To read about UUU coin: https://u.network/uuu

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Trust Dice
Trust Dice

The No.1 blockchain gaming platform to earn more coins. Claim free Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS every day. Bet and win more coins in provably fair casino games. Refer friends to get 50% commission. Stake TXT to get passive income every day.

U Network & Trust Dice partnership.
U Network & Trust Dice partnership.

Trust Dice team is excited to announce a new partnership with U Network (UUU coin-ERC20). Claim free UUU coin in Faucet. Join the UUU wagering contest to gain huge rewards.

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