Conversations with a neighbor.

By TwoDogsCaged | TwoDogsCaged | 12 Jun 2024

I have to say I was recently surprised after having a discussion with a neighbor. We were both in the process of moving, he bought a home on impulse, and we had been remodeling and are ready to move. 

As the discussion turned to what to do with the current houses, the conversation shifted to investment. To my surprise, he has invested in cryptocurrency, Cardano to be exact.  I was surprised!. I really like Cardano. Let's just say he invested at prices that he is currently at 50% or higher losses if he sold. I am lucky enough to already be at profit if I sold mine.  

Now, I am not criticizing him, He bought at a time that was when everything surrounding cryptocurrency was still very positive. I got involved in cryptocurrency as it was crashing, and there was the Terra failure, the FTX crash, and other catastrophes along with prices crashing again.  This brings me to my point, something that I have believed in, and something that I have tried to invest with keeping in mind. DO NOT INVEST WITH EMOTION. When I brought up investing in cryptocurrency, my neighbor was dejected and almost embarrassed by his investment in Cardano due to current losses if he sold. He stated he will not sell. I was excited to talk about Investing in Jasmy at once cent, Cardano at over half the current prices, Solana at near 20 dollars, and Bitcoin at around 30k.  If I believe in something, it does not matter what the overall sentiment is, if it is good buy it, and buy it low. If it is a bad thing, don't buy it low or high. Again, just my opinion, not investment advice.  

My neighbor went on to state that he did not know much about cryptocurrency and did not feel comfortable with his investment. We ended the conversation there as we were busy. I hop to follow up with him in the future. Maybe I have a new crypto buddy. I have realized not everyone likes cryptocurrency. Even when someone invests, depending on when they got in it tells the story of how they are feeling with it.

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Cryptocurrency is a fascinating idea, one that has many confused, scared and dismissive of the concept. However, it also is intriguing and likely a large part of the future.

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