Exam time nightmares anyone ?

By twistytango | Twistytango | 5 Sep 2021




Exam nightmare

Do exams still scare you?

It may be you have completed school college or whatever you have studied but still the fear of exams haunts you.

Exam nightmares

For some the exam nightmares never get over or come back to haunt them from time to time.

It is strange how deep an impact exams leave on our psyche.
Sometimes these fears revisit us when we have to appear for a test or an interview and on other times they manifest as dreams where we may have strange feelings

The strange feelings related to exams

Sometimes there are dreams that exams are approaching and you have not studied for them.

Or you are sitting in an exam hall and do not know the answers.

Use sports to divert your attention

one could indulge in some light sports to feel relaxed and divert ones attention.

Do not let exams overwhelm you

If you are a student then exams are a part of life. There is no getting away from it.
So it is better to study and get over with them rather than letting them haunt you.
As if you fail you may have to take the test /exam again or repeat a class or semester.

I guess it is a case of ...

What cannot be cured has to be endured


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