Earn Free Bitcoin - Mining Simulator Game with High Paying Faucet

Mining Simulator - Earn Free Bitcoin

Here we go again but in a good way.

SimpleBits.io is a mining simulator game that let's you effortlessly earn free Bitcoin.

It is really straight forward.  Use energy that you generate every 5 minutes to increase your mining power in a pool of other miners and every 8 hours you can claim your earnings.

Three Mining Pools To Join

The earnings are called SCOINS.  These coins can be exchanged for In Game tokens or for Bound Tokens that can be used to withdraw.

The current withdrawal options are:

  • Bitcoin
  • FaucetPay
  • Dogecoin

Each withdrawal options have a minimum of 10,000 Bound Tokens to request withdrawal.

These are three options available to all players.  Complete Offers for Tokens, Claim Tokens from the Faucet every 30 minutes and Mining for SCOINS which you use to exchange for Bound Tokens which can then be withdrawn.

SimpleBits Options


As you continue to increase your Tokens you can use them to rent Hardware that will give you BOUND Tokens everyday as an income.  The more you earn the quicker and more you can exchange for withdrawal.

I know there are a few mining simulator games out there, but who doesn't like free Bitcoin.

Check it out, here is my link referral link: https://simplebits.io/ref/6XDi_gslmtO5


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