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By brothertuck | Tuck Does | 21 Mar 2022

A couple years ago I found Presearch a decentralized get paid to search engine. I have since put that as my default search engine in most of my browsers. Opera browser, previously using it's own code but now part of the Chromium network, has been my goto browser since around Y2K. With Opera's move to Chromium, and various updates to Chromium, my Presearch has been being blocked. I also use a couple of other Chromium based browsers including the Linux version on my Linux box, and noticed the same in all the other browsers the same. I was never a Firefox fan before but now I am using it in Linux as my goto browser.</p>


As I said except for using it in Firefox, I have lost access to Presearch due to an adblocker it says. Can someone help me find out what is blocking my searches, and where that adblocker is so I can at least white list Presearch?</p>

I know this isn't a forum but I am hoping with the  combined knowledge of the publish0x community I can use Presearch again.

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Tuck Does
Tuck Does

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