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By Tšuhna | Tsuhna's /ak/ stories | 29 Nov 2021

(this is a fanfic based on the mobile game "Girls Front Line")


"...And this is the base cafe!" Kalina exclaims as she walks in pulling you behind her.

>You look around, it's a surprisingly cosy cafe for this building of steel and reinforced concrete.

>You follow Kalina to the counter to greet the girls there, a red-headed woman in a white dress covered by a blue coat and an apron gives you a warm smile.

>Just as you are about to introduce yourself you notice the person she had been talking to, a brunette in a 19th century-esque suit, a long coat and a top-hat holding a cane in her left hand.


"Oh, are you the new commander? Lee-Enfield, No. 4 Mark I(T) at your service" the woman says turning her head towards you and looking you in the eye.

>Your heart skips a beat and you realise you are blushing. Why are you blushing? You are a girl, girls aren't supposed to blush because of other girls!

"...Are you alright commander? Should I take you to see the doctor?" Lee-Enfield asks you, worry apparent in her captivating, green eyes.

"You can be my doctor anytime" you think while simultaneously trying to collect yourself. Or so you think.

"...What's that? I didn't hear you" she says, oblivious to the other two's reactions, it seems you actually said that & at least Kalina and the girl behind the bar heard it.


"Commander must be tired, maybe you should show her to her quarters? Maybe keep her company while you're at it?" the girl behind the bar says with a mischievous smile.

"Stop joking around Springfield, ma'am, if you'd be so kind as to follow me, I'll show you to your quarters" Lee-Enfield says bowing slightly and gesturing towards the door.

"Ri-right, thank you" you manage to say as you follow her out.

"Ufufu~" Springfield smirks as the door closes behind the two, Kalina sighs with a pained expression.

"Lee is as popular as ever" Kalina says shaking her head.

"W-what?!" Springfield stutters before regaining her composure.

"What do you mean Ms. Kalina?" she asks. The new commander blushing because of Lee's appearance just now is one thing, but if any of the t-dolls even THINK about making a move on HER Lee...

"Hoo, is that jealousy I hear in your voice?" Kalina asks with a smirk.

"I-I have no idea what you are talking about! Can I get you something or were you about to leave?" Springfield feigns ignorance and changes the subject.

"OK, OK, I'm going!" Kalina cackles as she heads to the door, leaving Springfield alone in the cafe.

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I'm a Finn, until now I have mostly written anime/mobage fanfic, I have been on a hiatus for some time, maybe if my content is welcome here I may get the spark to start creating new content.

Tsuhna's /ak/ stories
Tsuhna's /ak/ stories

I write fanfic for military and weapons -related anime series and mobage such as Strike Witches, Girls Frontline and Upotte, but also original content. WARNING! Some of my stories include weapons and/or vehicles with spirits (think Kami from Shinto religion), some of which can turn into cute anime girls.

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