So a Year Ago...I Bought Student Coin..(Lucked Up or F*#/<d Up?)
Student Coin

So a Year Ago...I Bought Student Coin..(Lucked Up or F*#/<d Up?)

By NickytheClone | Tipchain | 30 Nov 2021


......Annnnnnd, now my investment has lost about 33%. My writing flow is already at a standstill because of all the questions that are whirling in MY head. So let's sort this shit out. Let's begin by having a look at everything the Student Coin platform has promised us "Lucky investors" 

        Because of the plummet Student Coin has found since its release, I began to feel especially discouraged. I wanted to sell my Student Coin on a few different occasions. What has stopped me is the steadily rolling wheels Student Coin is housed upon. No matter how bleak things seem, the developers keep making progress AND on schedule to boot!


Student Coin's Roadmad Checkpoints:
  • Mobile App Launch - Check your balances, move Student Coin, Stake, and Buy Student Coin using the user-friendly mobile application


  • Delgation of issues regarding the currency and its platform
  • Staking at up to 13% APR 
  • Several exchange listings including Kucoin, Bittrex, Tigercoin, Uniswap, Bilaxy, Bitthumb, and
  • Tokenisation - Two other tokens (Smart Marketing Token, and Lean Management Token) have found their ways onto Student Coin's Blockchain. Buy them now during their ICOs
  • COINBASE commerce features - use any currency held in your COINBASE account to purchase Student Coin using their launchpad. (Student Coin is not listed on Coinbase)


  • NEWEST INTRODUCTION: Right now Student Coin is undergoing its second migration to make way for the introduction of its terminal. This will allow all users the ability to create a personalized token using the Student Coin blockchain. 
A Taste of What's to Come:


  • An Exchange to trade Student Coin, Bitcoin, and altcoins amongst each other fluidly.
  • NFT tokens based on the Student Coin (STC) blockchain 
  • Full Integration of fluid movement between STC app, exchange, DEX, Launchpad, and Wallet


         So, these are the features of STC that I have found to be achievable. To be honest, I didn't expect to see the promises of STC's developers come to fruition, but so far they have. I have even put my trust into the project enough to stop checking the price of this coin, as it barely treads water. That is a major statement for me. I even believe that some day Student Coin can offer a decentralized functionality to the dispersion and repayment of student loans. 



        Another promising aspect of STC is where the tokens lie. With only 8% going to developers, patrons can feel confident that an inside scam job wasn't being cooked up to begin with. Student Coin's existence was contrived in 2017, the coin went up for sale in February of 2019 via ICO. Check out the aspects of the 10,000,000,000 coins that will come into existence. Keep in mind that this is a sleeper coin, as over 50% of the reserve is already in circulation.




         The part of STC's existence that keeps skepticism abound is its lack of functionality thus far. Student Coin's developers have yet to make the currency one that can be incorporated into everyday life. For now us investors must take in stride that the potential is at hand although the results have thus far eluded us.





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