OlympusDAO has been around for about 4 months and is offering some great Staking services on Ethereum, Avalanche, and Fantom Opera networks. OlympusDAO staking operates on Sushiswap, Trader Joe, Spirit Swap, Beethoven X, and Zipswap. I use Beethoven X to farm gOHM (Governance OHM) on the Fantom Opera Network. I prefer Fantom because of the low gas prices. 


What is OlympusDAO?


     What sets Olympus apart from other DAOs is that you can purchase bonds through Olympus using several services. Here is a list of where you can find bonds.


      To secure a longer holding period, the bonds are prorated and accrue higher percentages as time goes on. For example, i have accrued .0003 gOHM by holding .015 gOHM in my Beethoven portfolio for a week. This is aside from the gOHM I have recieved in swap fees. 

       You can access the governance issues of OlympusDAO through their website. 


     Also, if youre interested, learn how OlympusDAO is backed, but not pegged to DAI. This means that OHM will always be worth at least 1 DAI, but is not limited to that amount. The price of OHM and gOHM will be what the community makes of it.

      You will not find a max supply of gOHM as more OHM is minted when more money is invested in the project. The Bond services offered by Olympus is what is supposed to keep the currency from becoming too inflationary. 

      I know there are several more questions serious investors will probably have regarding this project, but I hope I have given you the curiosity and the tools you will need to make OlympusDAO a project you want to consider.


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The Clone Chronicles

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