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5 AMAZING Free Crypto Earning Opportunities

By NickytheClone | The Clone Chronicles | 12 Jun 2021


     There are alot of ways you can find crypto that is being handed out. People are seriously fuckin givinbg the stuff away. I mean ALOT OF IT! Here are five of the best sites that I have found to claim free coins. You will not see huge profits immediately but if you keep with it, and with steady deflation over time, you may end up with some cash on your hands. Keep with it and don't get discouraged at the fact that you will not get rich overnight with these sites. Steady and slow wins the race with all free crypto sites, but these will help you get where you want to be in easy crypto income with no real risk.




1. Idle - Empire:       Earn coins for completing surveys and offers through offerwalls. Redeem for gift cards or crypto. This site has a lot of earning opportunities that stack up quick.  TIP: If you do surveys through Theorem Reach you get points even when disqualified from surveys.    

      Idle-Empire CLICK HERE



2. Satoshi Monster Faucet : Spin the wheel every 30 minutes for free satoshi. Complete surveys to earn alot of Satoshi. If youre feeling lucky, wager your satoshi on a wide variety of slots and table games built right in to the platform. TIP: You will be doing good to not get tempted by the slots, there is potential for big gains there, but I would be much better off without them.





3. BETFURY: Free BTC and BNB faucets to claim from every 20 minutes. Also has several slots and other games that are fun to wager all kinds of crypto on. Truly one of the best Crypto based casinos. They also have a cashback feature and a staking feature to help you get some of those losses back. TIP: United States users will have to use a VPN to access this site.




     4. FREE BITCOIN : The original faucet is still at it and has added a Wheel that can be spun daily to help with the gaining process. Play a hi-lo game to wager satoshis, play their lottery, and redeem reward points for big gains. This company mines its own Bitcoin and all satoshis can be verified. They have also partnered with Fun token to create a premium membership for holding FUNFAIR on the site. TIP: If you can afford the FUNFAIR tokens, you might as well get them, they will pay for themselves throughout time. You can rest assured this faucet will remain foir awhile. They have been around since 2013.




    5. FAUCET PAY : This is a microwallet that lists 12 currencies and the best faucets to earn these currencies for free. Offers several ways to wager your earnings. Faucet Pay is now offering a perpetual trading option. Faucet Pay has been around for quite some time and will find more faucets than you know what to do with here. TIP: Link as many earning opportunities to your Faucet Pay addresses, although the faucets dont add up quick, the more sources, the merrier. Also, use some of the autofaucet sites to passively claim faucet earnings.



     I have several more free earning opportunities to share. Follow me for upcoming articles. If there are any questions regarding the above mentioned sites, feel free to leave a comment. 

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The Clone Chronicles
The Clone Chronicles

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