Divide & Conquer

Divide & Conquer

By Aliana | Trinity Unchained | 14 May 2020

Around the 1st century BC, Julius Caesar initiated a campaign against the indigenous tribes of the Gaul (Now called France). These tribes were sophisticated in matters of trade, craftsmanship and even warfare.  On several occasions, they came close to defeating the Roman legion. But division among the tribes led to them fighting each other while they were being conquered from without. 


Using the technique of divide and conquer, Caesar would choose a side to support in tribal disputes. He gathered information on tribal characteristics, weaknesses and most importantly their divisions. Using these existing divisions he was able to defeat them one tribe at a time.


Fast-forwarding to the present time, we still have not learned a thing. The same brilliant manipulation tactic is still being successfully used because most people are still at the same level of consciousness as 2000 years ago.


We are allowing ourselves to be conquered externally because we are divided among ourselves. We focus on the external, perceived differences and prefer to think of ourselves as separate; the "us against them" mentality. We fail to see our unity, inherent non-duality and that at the end of the day, we are all in the same prison.


This perception of differences continues to create division and weakness, making it easy for the control class to exploit the situation.


There are many ways in which we separate ourselves from others. Ego’s need to identify with something unique exacerbates the problem. Some of the main ways in which we create division is: 


Sexes - Our cultures teach us that men and women are supposed to behave in certain ways that fit with what the cultural and societal expectations for that role is. 


The truth is, everyone embodies both male and female energies. On a higher spiritual level there is no difference between male and female. They are simply different oscillations of the same energy. Masculine energy expresses as our actions, and our female element expresses as our emotional qualities. 


A balanced person is one who's masculine and feminine energies (yin and yang) are in harmony. When our actions truly reflect our emotions, we do what we know and feel to be right, no matter the consequences.


Age - In some cultures younger generations are expected to use titles when addressing their elders as a sign of respect. In ancient cultures the elders were the ones that held all the spiritual wisdom. The same is not necessarily true in modern times.  There are some physically young people that are far more spiritually mature than most elders, and some physically older people who are mentally, emotionally and spiritually underdeveloped. 


The concept of parent and child only exists on a physical level. On the spiritual level we are all equal, some further along the spiritual journey than others. The age of the physical body has nothing to do with spiritual maturity. 


Class - The belief in money has caused many to value themselves and others according to their wealth. The rich look down upon the poor, and the poor hate the rich. It is all an illusion, yet people will kill and die for money.


Race - Race is an invention by the controllers to destroy the natural tendency for people, even of different ethnic groups, to co-exist in peace and unity. In the past white people were made to feel superior due to the colour of their skin. And black people were made to believe that perceived gains by whites were made at the expense and exploitation of black people, or due to white supremacy. Unfortunately this is still the mindset of many people. 


Racism is used to drive a wedge between people who would otherwise have more commonalities than differences, and who have every reason to unite in the fight against slavery of all human beings.


Nationality - Man-made borders is an illusion. The entire planet belongs to all of us. We are all children of the earth, yet we insist on holding a nationalistic pride over which prison cell we come from. Wars are fought and millions of innocents murdered due to the perceived differences of different nationalities.


Politics - When a parent is trying to convince a child to eat his/her vegetables, the child is given a choice between for instance, peas or pumpkin. By being given this choice the child is made to think that whatever vegetable he ends up eating, was his decision. But in reality the decision was made for him, in that he was going to eat his vegetables one way or another. 


Similarly, people vote because they believe there is a difference between political parties. In reality these political parties are all the same thing dressed up in different costumes. Voting never actually changes anything, it only gets you a different master. You cannot vote your way out of slavery. This is a clever tactic also known as the Hegelian dialectic. 


Religion - Religion is both a divide and conquer strategy as well as a massive mind control technique all on it's own. There is no other divide & conquer technique that has resulted in more deaths throughout history than the belief in religion. Manufactured by the controllers, it has always been a preferred mind control technique and tool for dividing people into groups to be conquered.


All of these perceived differences, based in the physical realm, can only take root because people remain spiritually dead.


The truth is, it's not really the controllers doing any of this to us. It is us who willingly bought these lies because we have forgotten who and what we truly are. 


Truth is the unifying force; the sacred feminine element that is almost dead in this world. This is what we should be fighting for, not nationalistic pride or religious beliefs. 


United we stand, divided we fall.

There is only one level of separation, and that is determined by our consciousness. The difference is self imposed. It is our responsibility. The dark occultists refer to those who have not started on the spiritual journey as "the dead". And herein lies the only real difference between people. We are either the illuminated, or we are the dead.


This brings us to their most powerful divide and conquer tactic; people being divided within themselves, existing in fear ...or the absence of love. If we cannot achieve sovereignty and unity within ourselves, we will not be able to achieve it externally, and we will continue to see others as separate from us.


Having us in this state of division and constantly fighting each other is the manipulators’ dream. As long as we remain divided, we will continue to be conquered.





Written by Aliana

Copy editing by Eric Cram

Based on work by Mark Passio

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