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You Are Cordially Invited To Expand Your Crypto Earnings

By ArmFarm | Tried -True - Tested | 16 Feb 2022

If you are new to the World of Crypto, I hope to share some of my mistakes, and some of my successes to help you avoid losing your coins to scams and also to build your holdings. If you are wise and experienced, or somewhere in between - hopefully you can glean something from a different perspective. I invite you to follow these links to opportunities of extended Crypto acquisition and financial improvement. Some may not be of much interest to you, but you may never know if you do not give them a try. Confidence is high that these are legitimate sites, and that they provide ample earning potential. 

If you are new to Crypto, you probably need to wet your toes by following some links, from trusted sources. Unless otherwise stated, these links lead to Tried and Tested sites. As with all things on this Earth, there are pros and cons with every opportunity. One man's Treasure may be another's trash. If you are building a daily/weekly routine to acquire significant amounts of Crypto, these sites offer great modules which complement each other. The more tabs you keep open, the more earning power you harness. For maximum gain, some require you to interact frequently/others only occasionally. A couple of Pros consist of little technical knowledge requirements with significant earnings.

Of course, you don't have to follow my links, but it will be greatly appreciated if you do.

I have spent many man hours testing and developing this list of Legitimate Earning Sites.  To my knowledge and experience, they all pay as promised. None are going to make you rich overnight, neither are they likely to rob you in a scam.  Don't allow someone to victimize you, by playing your greed as they snare you with unreasonably high returns. They promise you free riches today and disappear with your Crypto tomorrow. Anything of real value will require time and effort to achieve.

This invitation leads to what i call a faucet complex. It incorporates a faucet that can be claimed up to once every hour, depending on your country. This site offers a broad range of other types of earning opportunities, ranging from click to earn adds through surveys. I have a long list of successufl payouts, valued worth significant dollar amounts of Crypto. You decide how much you earn. If you are a survey type person, you will find the earning potential to be high indeed. This site is designed to provide continuous higher earnings based on the more time invest here. Surveys are generally harder to qualify for at the beginning of your efforts. Yet, is possible to earn some amount just for attempting to qualify. The more attempts to qualify for surveys, the more survey opportunities and successful qualifications you will find. Successful completions lead to increased qualifications, as well as access to higher paying surveys. If you enjoy this site, and invest some significant time, it is possible to consistently earn over large amounts+ on good days. I know i have done it. Icing on the cake - they also pay compounded 5% interest on balance. Without further elaboration follow this link and earn some Crypto -


This next faucet will be of great interest to those who are fans of Litecoin. You can claim from this faucet once per hour. It is a pretty simple faucet site, but it does offer 10% interest on your minimum balance - paid out daily. One thing i really like about this site is that the faucet payout is based on a dollar amount, rather than a set number of coins. You can win up to $200 worth of Litecoin per roll. When the price of Litecoin is down, you win more Litecoin per roll. When the price is up, you win less coin per claim. Join here and earn 10% interest on your Litecoin -


For my final faucet suggestion, in this post, i would like to share a new opportunity i just came upon. I have not yet had time to fully test it as of yet, so please be aware that you should approach this one with caution. It does appear legitimate with a lot of earning potential, and i see no indications of scam as of yet. This faucet is an AutoFaucet type of site that offers a large variety of coins to choose from, and an impressive number of ways to earn said coins. In addition, it also offers some mining options, if you are interested in mining Crypto.


Finally, i would like to introduce you to a great site where you can earn several different Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and ETH, while exercising your mental abilities, hand to eye coordination, and simply keeping your mind sharp with challenges. The games are fun and rewarding. This game is the most well-known Crypto Mining Simulation site available. I have made multiple withdrawals and earned some decent amounts of Crypto, in my time participating there. The levels of participation range from free to whatever level you are comfortable paying for. If you haven't tried it yet, you owe yourself this experience. Follow this link and get 1000 free Sats just for sighning up!

If you are just starting out in Crypto, these links will provide you with enough tools to get your feet wet and begin you journey in a positive way. If you are a veteran, and looking for some powerful tools for your Crypto Tool Box, you may find these very rewarding - if you don't already use them.

I hope to find time to continue with some more great links in a future post, sometimes in the near future. Until then, thank you for your time, attention, and interest!







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Tried -True - Tested
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