Quick PSA for some peace of mind.

For all of you Ledger and Trezor users who (like me) never actually tested your seed phrase before moving your crypto off exchanges and to your hardware wallet addresses this may be of use.

I wanted to be sure that my wallets could be restored in case of unexpected events. However, I also didn’t really feel like undertaking the fees and effort involved in moving crypto off my wallets to an exchange along with the inherent risk of transfers and having them on the exchanges in the first place.
This important task remained on my to do list for far too long until the last time I updated my Ledger.

Then I remembered. You can do a test of your seed phrase in the device. I had known about this for a while but never got around to it.

Basically it allows you to check your seeds words before wiping, updating or putting the device in storage for a while or even if you just want to be EXTRA sure you wrote those words down before something goes wrong such as loss of device or inputting your PIN incorrectly.

For the Ledger test it requires you to install an app (from within the official Ledger Manager software of course) and gets you to input your 24 word seed phrase and confirms if it is right or wrong without having to send any crypto anywhere.
Remember, if you have to delete another app to do this (say for example Stellar app) the crypto doesn’t go anywhere and your XLM will still be at your address when you restore the app to the device so don’t fear!

For Trezor the method is different (I haven’t done this one myself) but doesn’t appear to require the installation of any apps to the device. From what I can read on places like Reddit, the process is still straightforward.


For me, the whole process with the Ledger took less than 5 minutes and I felt far better about it afterwards knowing that if anything went wrong with my device that my multiple copies of my seed phrase were valid.


Links to resources from both hardware wallet vendors on this matter are provided below.
As always, do your own research and verify any of the links I provided here (errors can be made and some people are bad), never give your 12 or 24 word seed phrase to anyone even if they are claiming to be support from your wallet manufacturer and make sure you have at LEAST two copies of your seed phrase (ideally not stored on your computer and certainly not online). Two is one and one is none.

In the mean time good luck and stay safe!

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Trials and Successes of a Crypto Newbie

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