Login and access issues on various platforms and software (Newbie problems)

Hi all, my first crypto related post!
I have been involved in the scene since 2017 but have only gotten active on here recently.


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Over the course of my endeavors into cryptocurrency and technology I encountered a few issues. Some of which were common and easy to find answers for and some required quite a bit of digging.
Let's look at some of them here.


Make sure you write down your 24 word seed phrase and keep it somewhere safe (and not obviously written like "Cryptocurrency seed phrase" or stored on your computer or a cloud storage system)

Never share your 24 word seed phrase with anyone. This counts for ledger, Coinomi or other apps/wallets etc.

Only buy devices from the official website or recommended official vendors/resellers. If you get a device like a Ledger or Trezor from Amazon for example and the device comes with the seed words pre-written/printed out/ on a card it means someone else has them and therefore can access/recover your wallet. The device should generate the seed itself.

When you use sites like MyEtherWallet or Ledger bookmark them so you don't accidentally visit a phising site some day if you are tired or in a rush ( also don't rush).

Take your time entering addresses to send funds. If you send them to the wrong address I wouldn't count on some kind stranger to send them back to you.

Places like Reddit or blogs can be great places to ask questions or see questions that other people have asked but be sure to vet the information you see. There are plenty of scammers out there or some plain wrong information too.

If it sounds too good to be true it likely is. "Send me one ETH and I will send you 2 back", or "10,000% gainzzz guaranteed" etc. Take a step back and view it with some sense. Why would someone do this and how risky is the process. If you send coins somewhere they may not come back. 


Login and transaction sending issues if using Google authenticator.

This was a pretty easy fix (and should have been obvious) but it took a little while of panic and searching to find an answer.
I was being consistently told that the code I was inputting from the authenticator app didn't match by Binance. Obviously I assumed I had messed up with connecting them and was now locked out of my account but there was a simple solution.
The time on my phone was incorrect... I know some of you may laugh at it but once I had the time set correctly it worked straight away!
The phone I had been using never seemed to set the time right automatically from the network and so the codes from the app never matched the ones that Binance wanted.
If you are like me or like a friend of mine (deliberately has phone set 5 minutes fast to be on time to places) then this may help you.


Ledger, Ledger Live and My Ether Wallet issues.

Common problem I believe but still frustrating nonetheless. This also includes sites like Stellar account viewer and My Kin Wallet
Connect ledger via USB and device not recognized. I assumed the device was broken as the screen lit up and seemed to be functioning as normal. I tried two different cables and no results. It turns out the 2 cables I used were the issue, I had many USB micro B cables but the only one that worked was the original USB cable that came with the Nano S. I advise to keep this separate from wherever you store other cables to avoid confusion or someone else taking it if you don't live alone.

Another problem when on Windows I also experienced the device not being recognized. Like other USB recognition issues this was an easy fix.
Go to control panel and devices -> go into devices and printers and select the Ledger Nano -> Under Hardware there should be a section called USB Input Device. If you right click on this there should be an option called Properties down the bottom. -> From here go to Change settings and Driver and finally Update Driver.
It is also possible to just delete the drivers if this problem occurs and simply plug the device back in. Windows SHOULD detect it automatically and begin the driver installation.

On Ledger Live sometimes there will be issues that simply require a firmware update. Before doing this make sure you have your 24 word seed phrase accessible. If you want you can test it here first.
NEVER UPDATE YOUR DEVICE OR FIRMWARE FROM ANYWHERE BUT THE LEDGER LIVE APPLICATION. There are many scams going around at the moment via email or SMS regarding this. Some are better than others and can result in a loss of funds.

For other issues see

And for security tips see

So far on Linux, apart from the initial setup I haven't found any problems with the Ledger Device or Ledger Live.

As I mentioned mykinwallet above I will say that trying to use this through Firefox has never worked with me when trying to access via Ledger. It simply says there is a Fido U2F error. This problem doesn't occur when using Chrome. This used to be the case for Stellar account viewer and MyEtherWallet also but I have gotten them to work through Firefox recently with no issues. If it fails though try them in Chrome.


MyEtherWallet (MEW)
So you get sent some ERC20 tokens or send them to your address and want to check the balance in MEW but you go and they aren't displayed. It doesn't mean that they are gone. First, you must wait until the transaction finished on the network to appear so be patient. Depending on gas fees paid and how busy the network is this can take varying amounts of time but usually only lasts a few minutes in my experience.

If the tokens still haven't appeared then on the right side of the dashboard once you login to MEW there should be a section saying tokens. You may need to type in the name of the token you are looking for (eg. BAT) and click load for the balance to display correctly.

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Trials and Successes of a Crypto Newbie
Trials and Successes of a Crypto Newbie

Problems I encountered learning about cryptocurrency and solutions I found. Some required more research than others and those I focus on here.

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