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Keeping promises to yourself

A short post today.

I realized yesterday that I had done something I never had before. I bought back in at a price I said I would weeks ago after having sold 10% of my crypto when it was higher (near the top but it was a target for me). It felt really nice.

I usually push things to see how far they go, so far this hasn't been a costly venture so far but it could happen any time.
Initially I sold my 10% just over 2 weeks ago and followed my original plan from back in early December. Keep 20% of my cashout in fiat to pay some expenses I had and keep the rest to reinvest when there was a drop to my buying back in price. I came close to buying back in early last week when we had a drop but held off as I didn't hit my buy back in price.
Then when it started climbing again I felt a little stupid for missed gains but at least I stuck to my plan.

Then yesterday happened. Not the biggest drop in history and to be honest, was probably necessary. I bought back in at my target price and even though it dropped lower than that it has already started to recover well. As I type BTC is up 7.5% from yesterday but still almost 20% lower than when I sold it.

The moral of the story is that even though I could a have made more profits by timing the market (had I succeeded), it wouldn't even have been that much of a difference. I stuck to my plan and I have no regrets, I now have the slightly more crypto than I originally did AND paid off some expenses I had and had no stress doing so.

So pick a target to sell if investing is your goal (and maybe pick a price to buy back in if you believe longer term like me). You might regret slightly the potential for further gains but not nearly as much as if you didn't listen to yourself or the promises you made

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Trials and Successes of a Crypto Newbie

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