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Another new launchpad project on Binance

Binance have just launched their latest launchpool offering.

Their previous launchpool offerings gave me some nice rewards for some BNB tokens I had sitting on the exchange. I recently bought more to take advantage of any further offerings as I found it convenient to at least make use of them while they were in my account for cheaper trading fees.
I had some DAI that wasn't doing anything useful (and it wasn't going to increase in price either!)

You can stake BNB, BUSD or DOT to earn Litentry (LIT) tokens as follows.
BNB 60% of total rewards
DOT 30% of total rewards.
BUSD 10% of total rewards

3% of the total LIT token supply will be released via the Binance launchpool and the total token supply will be 100,000,000.

There will be 3 rounds of token distribution, each of which will have less total staking rewards released than the previous one as the last few launchpad projects have worked.
The first staking reward cycle has started already and will last until the 4th of February after which the reward amount drops followed by another drop when the next round starts on the 12th of February.
This launchpool offering will end on the 27th of February at which point any staked BNB, DOT or BUSD and your rewards will be sent to your wallet but you can remove them from the stake pool at any time.

The LIT token will become available to trade on Binance's innovation zone on the 4th February and can be traded for BTC, BUSD or USDT from that date.

For more information see the links below for the LIT Lightpaper and website.

The first round of launchpool releases are always the most bountiful so if you have any "Spare" crypto on Binance or in your wallet you may as well make it work for you!
Happy Staking

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