Multi chains and multi assets, what is your favorite chain

By treforest | treforest portofolio | 13 May 2021

The development of defi is extremely fast. The trend shows that Ethereum-based ecosystems dominated the market in 2020. However, nowadays we see multi chains come up simultaneously. The dramatic growth of blockchain dapps inevitably leads to huge traffic and congestions of Ethereum network, and therefore the expensive transaction fee of Ethereum network becomes a major reason that forces more and more users willing to use other types of blockchain. We see that most projects developers selected Ethereum for their smart contract deployment in the past, while many developers today prefer other blockchain ecosystems such as BSC, Fantom、Avalanche、Matic、Solana、Podcast、Heco and so on.

Interestingly, more and more famous Ethereum-based projects start to expand their services by jumping to other chains. For example, the well-known Ethereum-based DEX SushiSwap has supported BSC and Fantom today. The DEX aggregator 1inch originally running on Ethereum also migrated to BSC, and it currently supports both Ethereum and BSC networks. Moreover, it also issued its native taken for BSC version.

Another new launched project Popsicle Finance issued its native token ICE based on Ethereum, BSC and Fantom simultaneously. All these phenomena reveal that the Ethereum dominated ecosystems in 2020 has moved to multi chains in 2021. People are able to choose whichever they like. Multi chains also lead to multi assets that require certain bridges for swap and trade. We are excited to see some great projects coming up.

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