Allen and Theresa traveling with COVID

Traveling with COVID: Our Trip From Pennsylvania to Texas

My wife Theresa and I recently found out what it's like traveling with COVID. Our journey began in East Texas, but we didn't catch the virus until we got to Pennsylvania. Then we had to travel back home feeling under the weather. This is our story.

Theresa and I left Texas on a Monday afternoon to arrive in Pennsylvania on Wednesday afternoon for a Thursday morning funeral service. Theresa's grandmother, over 90 years old, had died.

We attended the funeral on Thursday and Saturday morning woke up feeling under the weather. We were, after all, in a small room with 100 other unmasked people for about an hour. Others who attended the same event also got sick in the days following. That meant my wife's grandmother's funeral had turned into a super spreader event. Holy cow!

On Sunday afternoon, feeling less than 100 percent, we got on the road and headed back to Texas.

It wasn't that we felt sick. We didn't. But it didn't matter what we did, it drained our energy. I'm surprised we were able to drive as long as we did on Monday. By Sunday night, we were in Bristol, Virginia. On Monday morning, we got up early and drove to Vicksburg, Mississippi, arriving just a little after dark. The next day, we got up and finished our trip, arriving in East Texas late Tuesday morning.

We then quarantined ourselves for a few days.

Now, we feel well. Done traveling with COVID, we're ready to get on with our lives.

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Allen Taylor
Allen Taylor

Writer, editor, publisher. Content strategist for fintech, blockchain, and crypto firms.

Travel With Allen & Theresa
Travel With Allen & Theresa

In 2020, freelance writer Allen Taylor and graphic artist Theresa Taylor gave up almost everything they own to live in a van and travel the U.S. perpetually as they run a publishing company together and Allen manages his freelance writing business.

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