Meridian Mississippi carousel horses

Meridian, Mississippi, Music, and Carousel Horses

Music fans will love watching Theresa and I walk through the town of Meridian, Mississippi. It's one of our most popular videos, and for good reason. For starters, because it highlights some of Meridian's biggest achievements and honors her best known heroes. We can start with iconic music legend Jimmie Rodgers.

What started as Jimmie Rodgers Day festivals in the 1950s became National Country Music Days festivals by the end of the decade.

While Jimmie Rodgers is known as the Father of Country Music, Meridian is home to more than one music genre. Founding members of The Temptations are also from Meridian. But there are also other music genres represented in the culture of this southern city crafted with charm. Jazz, blues, rock and roll, Motown, country music ... it's all fused together in a beautiful city with a rich history and incredible culture.

One distinctive mark of Meridian, Mississippi is that the city is full of carousel horses scattered about town. We found ourselves on a mission to find out why. Be sure to follow us around town to learn why Meridian is so infatuated with carousel horses. You won't be disappointed.

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