1000 km from the frontline

By Cryptotexty | Travel: Roads & Books | 12 Feb 2024

It feels as if death has retreated. It seems that she is now somewhere far away, and it is not known when she will come, but not soon.

And there will be time to walk under the spring rain. Yes, at the beginning of February, we already have spring. And there will be time to write books, read books, and think about geopolitics.

For some reason, as always, spring rain lifts the mood and creates perspective. I liked the rain even there when it enhanced the atmosphere of the thriller.

And here, everything is almost as before. You can get used to a lot of things, both good and bad.

Sometimes you think that everything can still be normal. Ukrainian geopolitics of life can still defeat russian geopolitics of death..

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Travel: Roads & Books
Travel: Roads & Books

Travel Blog: "Roads & Books"

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