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Montreal hosted me on my arrival and departure from Canada and maybe that's why my impressions of the city are mixed: from a first impression of non-strangeness to the subsequent disappointment that I arrived in a city that I perceived as too little. spectacular until the appreciation of the end of the holiday, when I was already looking forward to spending time in Old Montreal with a pout in my arms, to once again admire the elegant houses of Plateau and to stroll around the Gay Village.

The first meeting with Canadian national food - poutine (fried potatoes with grilled cheese and sauce) and many meetings with squirrels there, ubiquitous and well suited to living in the city.  


Rue Sherbrooke
The last thing I expected when choosing Canada as a vacation destination was that I liked their homes so much: from stone or wood, with or without exterior stairs, with more generous or crowded green spaces, they were all different and own personality. But nowhere have I seen houses like in Montreal, with elegantly curved exterior stairs, with decorative elements painted in different colors and with high and wide windows. They made you dream what it was like to stay there, in a shaded apartment on the first floor, with squirrels venturing on the windowsill and with your bicycle parked somewhere under the large staircase.  


Mount Royal
The hill from which the city took its name offers panoramic views of downtown with tower blocks and the Saint Lawrence River in the distance, the same river that runs through Quebec. You get there by climbing a wooden ladder - it's not one who knows what it's up to, but it winks at visitors. On the hill is a park that can be traveled from one end to the other, but it is not so interesting that it is worth too much time  


On the streets of downtown for the first time I felt somewhere the next day on the Canadian land that we arrived in North America: straight and numbered streets, glass blocks, a feeling of controlled immensity. Paradoxically, the tower blocks with dozens of floors sit next to older buildings, in a specific American harmony.

Old Montreal

The old word is relative in the New World, but unlike other Canadian cities Montréal can boast of a lively old center, in which the old mixes with the new. If you want to unwind in the evening and immerse yourself in the crowd of tourists and locals, Old Montreal is perfect for that.


The old port

The area on the river bank is set up for a walk and takes you to a clock tower where you can climb for free. Near the tower is an artificial sandy beach and several sun loungers overlooking the bridge over the river, while not far from the old harbor is an amusement


Gay Village
Colorful, cheerful, with many shops and alot of people  walking in the pedestrian area.


Useful things
From the airport you can reach the city by bus 747, from the airport you can only buy a one-day ticket that costs around 6.50 euro. The bus queue is very long and the process is inefficient, I waited for 8 buses until I managed to get on one

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Traveling prices, taxes, best places (countries) to visit. Happy situations. My opinion.

Travel opinion
Travel opinion

Traveling prices, taxes, best places (countries) to visit. Happy situations. My opinion.

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