Do you trade TELOSCOIN and why not?

Do you trade TELOSCOIN and why not?

By Teloscoin | Transcendence Blockchain | 16 Dec 2019

In the last 30 days, there have been no important changes in the crypto scene when it comes to cryptocurrency prices. Here and there some little change but mostly with a minimum percentage.

Bitcoin — nothing new, we can roughly say that it has been stable in around $7000 — $7300 in the last 30 days. Lately, its price shifts have been happening suddenly and in one step make a jump or up to $1000, so the crypto community is almost used to such changes, although no one can guess when they will happen.


Bitcoin price in last 15 days


The field of altcoins (if we talk of the top 100). As we know, altcoins mostly follow Bitcoin and their price changes are influenced by some news or development progress but it is noticeable that this is not the percentage that would attract everyone’s attention.

But why stop here? Why stick only to the top 100 coins and wait when we know there are serious projects and coins which can be traded successfully?

Opportunity for Traders — Teloscoin

There are many small cap coins whose development phase is in astounding growth and hence their price movement. Very often unfamiliar people will just shake their heads because they haven’t heard or know about coin yet. However, the chart of Teloscoin shows everything that every trader likes to see.


Teloscoin chart from spring to winter 2019.


How to profit by trading or holding TELOS?

As you already know TELOSCOIN is a POS coin, but you don’t have to deal with nodes and/or staking unless you want to. You can profit by simply trading or saving (keeping).

We mentioned that in the past few days, and especially since the beginning of December, Teloscoin’s price has increased by many percent.


Teloscoin chart end of November — mid of December


But this is not all, because in all markets where TELOS can be traded at volatile prices it can make good money.

Follow TELOS stats on:

As an example, let’s just take the SouthXChange market and look at a chart in recent days explaining how many Teloscoins could be earned through the simplest trade, just by following an Teloscoin uptrend.


Trade TELOS on Southxchange


For example, if you purchased 10 000 TELOS for 0.00000088 BTC, you invested 0.0088 BTC. After you follow the trade explained in the picture, you would earn additional Teloscoins with every trade. 

For 6 days you will double your investment and more of that, about ~130% of earning, which is additional 12 744 TELOS will be in your pocket. On this way you will have in summary 22 744 TELOS.


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