BLUEBOX MK2 by Transcendence blockchain ready to launch

BLUEBOX MK2 by Transcendence blockchain ready to launch

Transcendence community has been familiar with Bluebox devices and all their benefits for a long time. Those who own a Bluebox, at home or as a collocation, know how powerful it is and what role it plays in the Transcendence blockchain ecosystem.

As Transcendence is an ever-improving project, the time has come for the new Bluebox device. Its name has the suffix MK2 and it has undergone significant changes compared to the previous Bluebox Gold device.


Bluebox Gold VS Bluebox Gold MK2


As we can see the difference in design is significant. Bluebox Gold MK2 has a cooling body above the motherboard as well as an active fan that should not worry future owners because it is very quiet.



Two versions of the new device are planned, Bluebox MK2 and Bluebox Gold MK2. Maximum power consumption is just 24W for the powerful 64-bit 6-core ARM processor, which serves the Bluebox MK2.

Bluebox Gold MK2 will be able to host masterndes and mine cryptocurrencies with the help of added yesscryptR32 to the the supported algorithms in the DMS pool mining.


Masternode hosting for Telos / Birake / XDNA / ESBC / Flits / Midas is planned for now. Bitdorado bonus shares are also included. Detailed coin specifications will be announced soon.

One example of MK2 functioning would be up to 100-219 H/s at pool DMS mining, XBTX Xspiltter share, 100K Telos Node, 50K BIR NODE, Bitdorado Bonus shares. All this at only 24W power consumption.


Since the MK2 does not have a display where owners could see the status of the device and other parameters, the idea is to monitor the device via a mobile application, which is a very more practical and elegant way.


List-price will be 2800€ including VAT. Pre-sale is open for existing bluebox owners on request. As bluebox owner you will get 30% discount and bulk discounts are also possible.

For more info and all questions join Telos community discord:


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