Bitdorado Turkiye started as new game changer

By Teloscoin | Transcendence Blockchain | 21 Apr 2021

Bitdorado is the next generation of crypto marketplace platform, offering its users top-notch benefits. In addition to classic trading options, Bitdorado has gone a few big steps further.

Bitdorado platform offers many services for people interested in cryptocurrency. This platform offer a high variety of coin pools which can be run standalone for single coin or can be combined with several other available tokens.

The main website for Bitdorado Turkiye is place where everyone can read detailed information about how to deal with Bitdorado.

Due to regulations, KYC is mandatory for every new user. To do it a service called AML-NOW is provided.

The new AML-NOW version for android and iOS is a requirement to use Bitdorado Turkiye. It reduces the hazzle with SMS as it support now in app authcodes. Please check if you have the latest version installed.

Also a limited Batch of Bluebox hardware devices called Bluebox Turkuaz prepared.

The Bluebox Turkuaz will be available in 5 Variants:
Bluebox Turkuaz 1K with a price of 1000€ limited to 20 pieces and a monthly yield of 2% per month
Bluebox Turkuaz 3K with a price of 3.000€ limited to 20 pieces and a monthly yield of 3% per month
Bluebox Turkuaz 10K with a price of 10.000€ limited to 15 pieces and a monthly yield of 4% per month
Bluebox Turkuaz 30K with a price of 30.000€ limited to 30 pieces and a monthly yield of 5% per month
Bluebox Turkuaz 100K with a price of 100.000€ limited to 15 pieces and a monthly yield of 6% per month

The Boxes are paid for being a Trusted Node for Bitdorado Turkiye and the payout will happes in € to your Bitdorado Balance.

The Bluebox Turkuaz will be handled via so you will need an account there.

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