TradingBull AMA: Learn about the Bloomberg Terminal for Crypto Trading

By TradingBull | TradingBull_articles | 26 May 2021


Daniel: Why did you pick this idea to work on? Do you have domain expertise in this area? How do you know people need what you're making? 

Arthur: We were doing market research and blockchain data analysis for customers at FAS (Blockchain Advisory) and could not find any relevant crypto data on Financial Terminal available at the business school (Bloomberg and Wind). While mining and trading crypto, we found it difficult to manage so many Exchanges and a portfolio across them. Some solutions were existing but was not fitting well all our needs at once. With the DeFi ecosystem growing and by talking to other traders and crypto investors, we realized it was a common and increasing problem. We decided to combine these different needs into a complete all in one financial platform. TradingBull is the vision behind this mission.


Daniel: What's new about what you're making? What substitutes do people resort to because it doesn't exist yet (or they don't know about it)?

Arthur: TradingBull is new of its kind as it aims to become the ultimate financial platform for digital assets management. It does so by aggregating dispersed services into one single platform:

  • Data Analytics: Messari, Coinmetrics, Glassnode, Bitinfochart, Coingecko…
  • CEX Aggregator: Coinomi, Cryptowatch, Bitsgap, Attani, Cryptoview..
  • DEX Aggregator: 1inch
  • DeFi Aggregator (lend/borrow/stake): Binance, KuCoin
  • Accounting and Tax:, Koinly, Cryptotax, Accointing
  • Portfolio management: Altrady, Crypkit, Coinmanager
  • Automated Trading and Bots: 3commas, Shrimpy, Cryptohooper

Daniel: What do you understand about your business that other companies in it just don't get?

Arthur: In addition of envisioning a complete all-in-one financial platform, our main KPI are traffic and trading volumes because a relevant part of the business is focused towards centralized exchanges, (Trading fees, Advertising, referral, data...). In fact, the Subscription model employed by our closest competitors is not fitting for scaling such solution the fastest. Consequently, we have thought our roadmap and designed our TBC token (BCO + DAO + trading Cashback) combined with a freemium model in order to optimize and grow these KPIs instead.


Daniel: How do or will you make money? How much could you make?

Arthur: We evaluate we can reach an MRR of $1.5M/m after year 3. We expect to monetize different customers whether it is in B2C or B2B: Investors and traders (Subscriptions, trading fees), Exchanges (affiliations, Advertising), data analysts, funds and other asset management firms looking at data analytics or asset management tools. The token is also intended to create additional cash flow through the DAO.


Daniel: Why does your product require blockchain?

Arthur: If some aspects of the product do not require to be built on the blockchain directly, Blockchain features are required for the DEX aggregator and for DeFi services built on top of it. We also need to run nodes of major blockchain to access on-chain data and manage wallets. In addition, we expect to use blockchain for user authentication and to enhance the security of the platform. The blockchain infrastructure on TradingBull is intended to be cross-chain via bridges and our TBC token and its BCO supply contract is currently hosted on BSC (Binance smart Chain).


Daniel: How far along are you? Do you have a beta yet?

Arthur: We currently have working prototypes (web and mobile). But we realized that we would be needing real resources than bootstrapping to build and operate a financial platform like Tradingbull in safety.


Daniel: How will you get users? If your idea is the type that faces a chicken-and-egg problem in the sense that it won't be attractive to users till it has a lot of users (e.g. a marketplace, a dating site, an ad network), how will you overcome that?

Arthur: The token should help us to incentivize the first users to use the platform through cashbacks but also give us more exposure for our main initial target (traders).



Pitch Deck / Whitepaper / Tokenomics

BCOs in the past: DeFi Prime: “Bonding Curves Explained”

Contact: [email protected]

Twitter: @_Digital_Assets





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