Musk on no more Bitcoins for Teslas, i think we have an issue here , just 2 minutes read

By al998 | Trading cryptos | 13 May 2021


I understand that everybody wants to make money but this is too much...

Firstly Tesla follows Microstrategy and buys into Bitcoin, accepts Bitcoins for payments on Tesla cars,  Bitcoin flies, very well BULL MARKET

Tesla sells into the bull market a large chunk of Bitcoin making huge profits MARKET NEUTRAL

Soon after Musk announces he sold them and now is stopping Tesla purchases with Bitcoin but could accept other coins... market crash... BEAR MARKET

He got cash now of course he sold Bitcoin !

building up a portfolio strategy in the market crash ?

In any case.... Mr. Musk is this not too much ?





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i come from the banking business, left back in 2015 after 20 years, 10 of which passed in the prop trading desk (arbitrage, long/short, stock futures etc.) to be an entrepeneur. Happy to have left. Since 2016 investor in cryptos.

Trading cryptos
Trading cryptos

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