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Interdax's Weekly Warriors Trading Battle Starts Friday 22:00 UTC!

By Interdax | Trading Battles | 28 Feb 2020

Interdax's Weekly Warriors Trading Battle Starts Friday 22:00 UTC!

Weekly Warriors is hosted every Friday and lasts seven days. You'll need 0.10 BTC to enter and you must trade your balance with up to 100x leverage to generate the highest profit.

Participants will receive their initial trading stack back plus (or minus) all PnL at the end of the battle.

Join the Weekly Warriors battle here:

Place Top 3 & Earn Extra BTC

The three traders with the highest PnLs at the end of Weekly Warriors will share a 0.25 BTC prize pool (as shown below):

The 0.25 BTC prize pool is awarded to the top 3 traders


What are Trading Battles?

For additional information and rules for the trading battles, check out this article:

Also, check out Ivan on Tech's video tutorial for our platform and battle arena below:


Challenge Your Trading

Enter Weekly Warriors for a chance to earn extra bitcoin from your trading from a 0.25 BTC prize pool!

We've hosted more than 100 trading battles on mainnet and we're inviting more traders to enter our battle arena.

There are no KYC requirements and you can register here. You can also join our referral program to earn 20% referral fees.

Sign up with Interdax and challenge your trading.

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Trading Battles
Trading Battles

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