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By itrade | Trade | 29 Mar 2022

Gold is the money of kings. From ancient times, the world’s most powerful leaders have used this yellow metal as a universal currency. Gold is appreciated worldwide not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for its endurance. This precious metal has always acted as a shield in front of financial collapse. Therefore, gold has rightfully earned its reputation of protector of property rights.

Recent gold news point out that Investment in gold is safe and it is enough to look at gold rates in order to understand that. Gold prices tend to increase significantly if the value of paper-based money is decreasing. In economies based on paper currency, whenever the business sector undergoes a period of contraction, the government tends to create more paper reserves in the hope of stalling any possible bank reserve shortage. This can only lead to economical devaluation on a long-term basis.

Consequently, given the great imminent risks in today’s economic environment, gold and its many investment forms is one of the best investment vehicles. With paper-based currency de-valuating on a constant basis, you never know when financial breakdown might strike. That is precisely why many investors regard gold as a hedge against unpredictable economic phenomena such as inflation.

Investing in this precious metal can bring you many advantages. Gold retains its power of purchasing real goods and services when the economy is in crisis. Most importantly, gold investment is rewarded in many countries. For instance, in the European Union, people that purchase gold for investment purposes need not pay a Value Added Tax for that amount of gold.

In spite of all the benefits, people are still reluctant to invest in gold mainly because they think it is too expensive. Such a view could not be further from the truth. Gold can be bought under many forms, which are convenient for most people.

Gold bars represent one of the most common. You can find bars of gold in a variety of weights and sizes, which range from one gram to one kilogram. Selling them will not be difficult. You can do this with a premium above the value of the gold at the time of sale. Remember that the amount of this premium depends on the size of the gold bar.

Other possibilities of purchasing gold include gold coins, gold exchange traded funds, gold certificates, gold mutual funds or gold production companies. Finding the right investment form for you is just a matter of time and experience.

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