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#TradeWithBityard Mining Promotion

By R23 | Trade With Bityard | 11 Dec 2020

Admittedly, I am a new trader in the world of cryptocurrency. That being said, my dive into Bityard has quickly shown me that the site is incredibly user friendly and just flat out cool. Along with some great promotions, Bityard has what I think is one of the coolest ideas an exchange can put out. They have a screen where you can "mine" crypto and take the profits to your USDT balance to be subtracted off of your trading fees.

In my first experience with this application, I profited about 50 cents. Though that isn't life changing money, if you do that daily, your trading fees will become so low that it would be FOOLISH not to trade with the site. As you can see, the animation is really in depth here and when you click on the cryptocurrencies on the mountain once a day, you get paid out money that will save you on trading fees. It is FREE MONEY, and it is one of the cooler promotions I have come across.

Bityard Mining

A few dollars saved here or there can really pay dividends in cryptocurrency, especially for traders who are investing smaller sums of money like myself. If I could make back half of the fees I have paid to larger exchanges thus far in my year and a half of trading crypto, I would probably have enough money to open a healthy position in a new token. By using Bityard and taking advantage of their promotions, I truly believe that new traders can establish strong positions for much less. There's nothing stopping you from signing up, it took me approximately five minutes and I have already made almost $5 in promo bonuses in my first fifteen minutes

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Trade With Bityard
Trade With Bityard

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