How To Buy Reddit's Moons or Sell Them With MoonsSwap
MoonsSwap, the leading option to trade your Reddit's Moons

How To Buy Reddit's Moons or Sell Them With MoonsSwap


Yesterday we saw the PR for MoonsSwap, the leading platform to exchange Reddit’s Moons for cash. A place that gives Moons substantial value by making them easily tradeable, solving Testnet’s valueless problems.

Today, we’ll dive into the details on how to do it. Once you get a grasp on the method, it’s a process that happens in 2 minutes tops.

If you already own a wallet on Reddit plus a wallet on BSC or Metamask, skip the MoonsSwaping 101 section.

MoonsSwaping 101: Setting up Metamask/BSC and Reddit Chain

This one-time setup is the only thing that needs time, but as far as it’s done, nothing holds you from buying or selling Moons on MoonsSwap.

BEP-20 Wallet Setup

For a trade to happen in MoonsSwap, the first thing you need is a BEP-20 address.

Furthermore, you need to create an account on Binance to deposit some BUSD in your wallet, to exchange them with Moons.

To create a Binance account, you can use this link.

You can either create a Metamask wallet or a BSC wallet, both of them being able to handle BEP-20 tokens.

If you don't own a wallet yet, this guide below will help you accordingly.

[GUIDE] How to Setup Binance Smart Chain and Metamask

Reddit’s Vault Setup

Provided by Reddit itself, this is the fastest way to create a Vault on Reddit, for your Moons to exist in your wallet.

NOTICE: You need a phone with IOS or Android to create a vault.

How to create a Reddit Vault

Adding Reddit Chain in Metamask

If you don't want to own a Reddit Vault but still want to invest in Moons, you can add Reddit Chain in Metamask.


You’ll have to add a Custom RPC, so you click on the top button as shown above, then “Custom RPC”.

Then, add these values as shown in the picture below.

Name: Reddit Chain
Chain ID: 5391184
Symbol: ETH

Reddit Chain


Finally, the Token ID for Moons is this:


Click on add token, then paste the ID in the first box. The other fields should be filled out for you.

How To Buy Moons on MoonsSwap

Okay, you now have some funds in your BEP-20 wallets. What’s next?

Buying Moons of course!

Buying and selling on MoonsSwap is a two-step process always, making things as easy as it gets when it comes to trading Moons.

Buying Moons on MoonsSwap

Firstly, you click on the Buy button on the main page of MoonsSwap.

Then, you will be prompted to add your Ethereum or Reddit’s Vault address in order to receive your Moons.

They will be stored there.

Once that's done, you will see an address to which you’ll have to send your BUSD to, to receive the representative amount of Moons back, like this:

Transaction in MoonsSwap

Careful, the link is valid for 30 minutes.

Once you’ve sent the amount of BUSD you desire, you’ll get Moons to your wallet in a matter of seconds. For me, it usually takes less than a minute for a transaction to happen.

How To Sell Moons on MoonsSwap

This process is identical with buying Moons, only the addresses used are altered.

Instead, you add the BSC/Metamask address, and then you send Moons from your Reddit Vault or Metamask.

Selling Moons in MoonsSwap

TIP: You can do the selling part from your phone to save time, as the address of your Vault is easily accessible from the Reddit app.

For Metamask users, you can do it from wherever you find it easier.

For PC users, store your address somewhere accessible for you, as you can’t see your vault’s details from the browser.

Final Thoughts

Being an active member on Reddit’s r/CryptoCurrency for a couple of months now, being stacking some Moons here and there, and I never thought I could trade Moons so easily.

But MoonsSwap isn't only a place to sell your hard-earned Moons.

MoonsSwap is a place where someone can invest in Moons, an undeniably undervalued coin, backed by one of the biggest communities on the internet, Reddit.


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Giorgos Pantsios, Freelance Writer
Giorgos Pantsios, Freelance Writer

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