"READY PLAYER ONE" Movie in Reality with BLOK Token

Most of you have probably already seen the film Ready Player One, but if you haven't, I strongly advise you to do so.


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Bloktopia will create a first-of-its-kind virtual reality experience for the cryptocurrency community, uniting users in a single immersive and entertaining environment. Bloktopians are known as token holders. for more information please check the website of Blok Token. This token is currently available on the Kucoin market and will very certainly be available on the majority of exchanges in the future.

In my opinion, this currency's value, will climb more than 10x in less than six months. Let's look at the chart and the possibilities may happen for this currency. 


The channels have already been drawn in the above figure, and we can now specify the limit and stop limit orders:

As shown, price has been trapped in the yellow channel and is currently at the bottom of the green channel. therefore we can set a buy stop order at rate 0.080619 or you can wait for the breakout and after retest you take market order (Please refer to the following figure). The first take profit for this order could be at rate:  $0.2467 and stop loss: $0.06643. The second take profit could be at rate: $0.5337. The third take profit: ~$9. The last take profit which we can choose for that could be $30. 


If the price falls below $0.06736, it will continue to fall to $0.04869 with a low probability of dropping to 0.03379. If you enter the market at such rate, you should hold your currency until the above-mentioned target points.


There is a very minimal possibility of a downward breakout due to the MACD indicator's divergence.

I wish you a nice day and hope you find the currency analysis useful.

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Trade Cryptocurrencies At The Right Time.
Trade Cryptocurrencies At The Right Time.

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