Catch you up to were i am at week #2 in crypto

Current wallet contents:

GYEN    565.50061563{4.9097}

BAT              7.651{12.98}

AMPL            .0864

FARM        .00167

          So, welcome to the second week of me figuring out how to make it in this crypto world.

From last week to this week the only real difference is I transferred all of my GALA into BAT. and I've also gotten some AMPL and FARM from tips and from viewing articles myself.


          The Brave browser is so far decent and I've gotten 1.016 BAT from just using the browser for my everyday uses like Facebook, coinbase, and of course Publish0x.


         Another fun way I've found to p[ass the time and make small increments of different coins is from the game Rollercoin. It's pretty much a mining game where u play little 8bit games that mimic old arcade games for rewards that are called energy. Wich, in turn, powers your computer, mining rigs, and upgrades your computer through winning games. if u wanna give it a try here's a link



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just ur average urban moose roaming the concrete forest

track my crypto with me
track my crypto with me

just like it says, lets watch me and you can learn from my mistakes lol

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