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LeoBridge Launch is Imminent

By torroc1492 | torroc1492 | 24 Apr 2021 Finance has just posted that the Leo Bridge which is a trustless bridge between any ERC20 token and any BEP20 token will be launching "Very soon". After dealing with some personal fears around the most recent Defi hacks and Rugpulls. I am willing to make some major investments back into the DeFi space. I made a successful "buy the rumor sell the news" trade around the launch of the Goose Finance Vault launch. The launch of the Leo Bridge is too important of a event for DeFi to ignore. This is not Financial Advice!! But personally I will be making a major adjustment of my portfolio to purchase CUB. The Goose Vault launch was a good "buy the rumor" event but I think that this Leo Bridge launch is a different sort of trade. First it is not the last improvement that Cub Finance has launching in the near term and I think the value that it adds will be ongoing. Fees will be generated not just from usurers of Cub DeFi but from anyone wanting to trustlessly bridge ERC20 and BEP20. So I personally will be buying the Rumor as well as Hodling the News. Cub in my humble opinion is a long term hold.7c0043fdac15c3cf3fdce158289b2ee8f8454d16f4ecfea9ac4d03d71431b118.jpg

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