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It's important to be up to dated with news and trends, which are curently on the market and to know what had been im the past. Something for investors.


1.Netflix: +4,177%


The company’s organic growth is equally impressing, as well. At the same time, it went from sending physical DVDs and having 12 million U.S.-based subscribers, to full online streaming platform, over $150 M subs from around the world, and even producing its TV shows and movies.


2.Amazon: +1,787%

You already know it’s Amazon. Overall, online sales in the U.S. are projected to reach $586.9 billion in 2019, up from $165.4 billion in 2010. And nearly 50% of those sales are expected to come from Amazon alone.

3.Mastercard: +1,126%


The beauty of Mastercard's (and Visa's) business model is that, once the underlying infrastructure is in place, there is little additional cost for Mastercard to accept more payments. In other words, as Mastercard scales, increased transactions quickly add to the bottom line.

4.Apple: +966%


Apple entered the 2010s just as the iPhone began to explode in popularity. The iPhone became the most successful consumer product, ever. Sales surged for another five years and still make up a majority of Apple’s revenues. However, we exit the decade with the iPhone making up a smaller portion of Apple’s business than ever before, as the company diversifies into strong lineups of wearables, tablets and services offerings.

But nothing is a simple straight line. Apple had to graduate through the passing of its founder, juggle relationships with an ever-expanding list of consumer and professional market segments, and adapt to the public attention and scrunity that only comes along as a consequence of being the biggest company in the world. This is a decade in Apple, on one page.

5.Visa: +824%



6.Starbucks: +800%


Thankfully for investors, Starbucks’ own java-addicted customers may help guide it through an ambitious expansion plan that risks overreach, which burned the coffee roaster over a decade ago.
An increasing reliance by customers on pre-paid loyalty cards and mobile applications may help Starbucks in its roll out of recent acquisitions such as juice maker Evolution Fresh, tea specialist Teavanna and bakery chain La Boulange.

7.Salesforce: +792%


Salesforce is a huge company, and it has become a major player in the world of CRM. However, it is also a remarkable story too. Salesforce’s growth over the last decade is perhaps the perfect example of a brand that started small and then became huge in the SAAS sector.


8.Adobe: +790%


Yesterday, Adobe submitted its quarterly earnings report — and the results were quite good. The company generated a tad under $3 billion for the quarter, at $2.99 billion, and reported that revenue exceeded $11 billion for FY 2019, its highest-ever mark.


9.Nike: +587%


The global sportswear market grew to $348.5 billion in 2017 and Nike accounted for 10% of that.

Nike revenue has almost doubled during the current decade, as the company continues to invest heavily in order to maintain its status as the world’s most valuable sports brand.


10.Microsoft: +556%


Microsoft looks on track to record its strongest annual growth for more than a decade, following a revenue boost from its cloud business in the latest quarter and a bullish forecast for the final quarter of its fiscal year.


Shares in the world’s biggest software maker jumped by 3 per cent in after-market trading as it predicted revenues of as much as $29.5bn in its current quarter, about $1.5bn above most analysts’ estimates. Hitting that target would represent growth of more than 20 per cent for the year to June and confirm the stock market’s recent confidence that Microsoft has broken decisively away from its PC past.

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