The backstage of the "deep state" This is not a conspiracy, but a cruel reality

By teo333 | top secret | 29 Aug 2020

We introduced the terms "deep state" and "behind the scenes" as one of the first in the world in the early 1990s with the revelations about drug trafficking in Mena (Arkansas), the Iran-Contra deal, terrorism on September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington. , the wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the events around the Vatican in recent decades, etc.

We begin the current "deep state" series at a time when it is attacking with the fake COVID-19 pandemic to establish a global backstage government. And despite his failure, he continues.

As Sun Tzu said in The Art of War, "He who knows how to attack, the enemy does not know where to defend himself, and he who knows how to defend himself does not know where to attack him. The best art . "

We will start where no one expects us to start - from the Asian secret society and the death on May 20, or most likely, of the assassination of Jesuit commander and black Pope Adolfo Nicolas Pachon.

In fact, Nicholas retired on May 30, 2014, but since the "black popes" are for life, he was probably still "the most powerful man on the planet" on the day of his death.

But what was Nicholas's connection to the Asian secret society and Japan?

And so, on May 20, 2020, the "black pope" Nicholas died. Exactly 6 years ago - on May 30, 2014, Nicholas, the so-called "black pope of the Jesuits", considered "the most powerful man on the planet", surprisingly resigned from his post for no reason.

In fact, the Spaniard Adolfo Nicolas Pacón was the second top leader in the Vatican - after Pope Benedict, who resigned, which could be due to the trial against him, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in Brussels on April 7, 2014, for "child trafficking and murders ".

Since the "white pope" Francis himself was a Jesuit, the "black pope" was also his "boss." What could that mean?

But Pachon's predecessor, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, also received permission from Pope Benedict XVI to resign as head of the order known as the "Society of Jesus" (hence the Jesuits) at the age of 79.

Jesuit supreme generals are called "black popes" not only because they move in black clothes, but also because they have a behind-the-scenes influence, retaining their position usually for life.

And so a new "black pope" was elected in place of Kolvenbach, the Spaniard Adolfo Nicolas - 71 years old. This happened at the Jesuit conclave, which began on January 19, 2008. On May 30, 2014, he also retired to die on May 20, 2020.

Nicholas was born on April 29, 1936 in Valencia, Spain. He became a Jesuit in 1953. After receiving a degree in philosophy, he was sent to Japan to study theology and became a clergyman in Toki in 1967. He then received a doctorate in theology from the Jesuit Gregorian University in Rome and returned to Japan to teach systems theology. at Sofia University in Tokyo. In 1978-1984 he was director of the East Asian Institute in Manila. In 1991-1984 he was rector of the program of Jesuit scholastic scholars in Japan. In 2004 he was appointed moderator of the Jesuit Conference on East Asia and Oceania. He previously worked for three years in poor areas of Tokyo, where he lived with Filipino and Asian immigrants.

Nicholas spoke Spanish, Japanese, English, French and Italian.

These are some details of his "Japanese connection". But before we return to it, a few important clarifications are needed.

TJ, SJ - from the Latin Societes Jesu, (now the most commonly used SJ - from the English name The Society of Jesus), is a male order of the Roman Catholic Church. Its beginning is around 1534, when in the church of St. Dionysius on the hill of Montmartre a group of students from the Sorbonne, led by the Basque Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) swear allegiance to purity, poverty and worship to Jerusalem. The law was officially approved by Pope Paul II in 1540 and has the task of spreading the Christian faith through public science, ie. spiritual exercises. Today's name Jesuit, however, is a provocation to the original idea and comes from the Spanish jesuita, which means "hypocrite, truffle."

During the first four centuries of their activity, the Jesuits fought for education reformation and did missionary work in the colonies in America and Asia. Their activities contradicted the local secular and ecclesiastical authorities, which led to their expulsion from many countries: Portugal - 1759, France - 1762, Spain - 1767, Malta - 1768.

The Jesuits were accused of intrigue, false morality, conspiratorial means of action, covert influence on church and secular authorities, casuistry, with which they won theological and legal dilemmas.

In 1773, Pope Clement XIV officially dissolved the order. However, the decree of cassation was not communicated to part of Eastern European and Russian territories and the Jesuits continued to operate there. In 1814, Pope Pius VII resumed Jesuit activity throughout the world.

The Order's renaissance came after World War II, and especially after the Second Vatican Council, and continued to be the subject of criticism, accused of being too theoretical in education, subservience to the rulers, contempt for the poor, and religious fanaticism.

Today's Jesuits are among the most influential and numerous orders in the Catholic Church. Their number is about 20,000. They have their own universities, astronomical observatories, geophysical institutes, radio stations, magazines and schools.

Even before sunrise, the "black pope" of the Jesuits from his office in Rome, looking at the territory of the "white pope", i.e. Vatican. The windows of their apartments are several hundred meters away and are the first to turn on the lights all over Rome every morning. Then the two - the "white" and the "black" pope, offer their prayers alone. These are the two strongest leaders of Catholicism. Their relationship is full of storms of love and hate.

John Paul II limited their influence and was on the verge of banning this "light cavalry" created by Ignatius Loyola, ready for anything in critical situations for Catholicism.

It was this overly devoted activity that created problems for the Jesuits in the Vatican. In 1974, at the General Congregation of the Jesuits, they decided that their activities would be related to the "protection of justice in the world." This caused a real earthquake. The Jesuits, allies of the kings and the rich, began to discover the world of the poor in the ghettos. It was the transformation of the black robe into work clothes.

In 1955, the Jesuit Jose Maria Llanos challenged Franco's fascist regime and moved to the suburbs of Madrid. Another Jesuit arrived at the same place in 1974, Jose Diez Allegria, the father of liberation theology at the Gregorian University in Rome. It was interesting that the Jesuits read Marx and the religions of the East.

In the mid-1960s, representatives of the most conservative circles in the Vatican began to rebel against the activities of the Jesuit Society.

By 1981, the Jesuits were already in disgrace in Rome. Polish Pope John Paul II never set foot in the halls of the Gregorian University in Rome (called the Cardinal's Factory) and deliberately humiliated the Jesuits. Wojtyla, as a product of the Cold War, could not understand the Jesuits' enthusiasm for democracy within the order and the support for anti-conception.

In 1981, the weakness of the Jesuits was exploited by the ultra-conservative Catholic group Opus Dei and other neoconservative movements, which took away their key positions. The Jesuits stopped talking, and they left the scene in almost two decades.

In the Vatican, however, they forgot that the Jesuits had survived 467 years. After the death of John Paul II, more and more Catholics wanted the Jesuits to return to the top of the Catholic Church.

Pope Benedict appointed the Jesuit, 65-year-old Federico Lombardi, as head of his press service, releasing Navarro Valls, who was from Opus Dei.

The 35th Jesuit General Congregation in Rome on January 19, 2008 released Peter Hans Kolvenbach, elected "black pope" in 1983, who led 20,000 Jesuits, 200 universities, 700 schools, cultural and religious projects in 127 countries. . In his place came Nicolas Pachon.

Now Pachon has left, which activates his "Japanese connection".

What are you talking about.

The "black pope" Nicholas is thought to have been the commander-in-chief of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Japan, which actually runs the country. The day after Nicholas died, Hiromu Kurokawa, the head of the Tokyo prosecutor's office, was forced to resign over the "gambling scandal", and 662 lawyers and scholars filed a complaint against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Tokyo prosecutor's office. It is alleged that Nicholas' death finally paved the way for Fukushima's appeal to the International Criminal Court, which states, among other things:

"Dear Sirs,

On March 11, 2011, Japan (Fukushima) was attacked by nuclear warheads on the seabed off the coast of Fukushima, killing at least 15,899 people.

We have many witnesses to this terrorist act. They include:

Australian ANSUS agent Sasha Zaric, who was involved in the smuggling of the 500-kiloton nuclear device used in the attack.

A member of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, who participated in the technical operation to divide the nuclear weapon into 5 smaller devices, which were inserted into the seabed by the deep-sea drilling ship Chikyu. He is currently under protective custody, but will be released for trial.

Another witness is Naoto Kan, who was prime minister of Japan at the time of the attack.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened Khan with more attacks since March 11, 2011, unless Japan surrenders its foreign exchange reserves to the Khazar mafia. The NSA and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces have recordings of this conversation.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd may also testify that he was removed from power by agents on the US Federal Reserve Board when he tried to warn of an impending attack on Japan.

There are many more witnesses who can prove that the tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear accident were the result of a deliberate attack.

We can also prove that the following people were involved in the attack (some of them died):

  • Peter Hans Kolvenbach, former leader of the Society of Jesus. Kolvenbach was recorded by the NSA as claiming responsibility for the attack.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu (Milejkowski), Prime Minister of Israel. Netanyahu, as mentioned above, was also recorded as taking responsibility for the attack.
  • Leo Zagami. Zagami threatened that the attack would take place in a book published in Japan before March 11, 2011.
  • The Israeli security company Magna BSP (see previous issues of Top Secret from 2011), which installed the small nuclear weapon at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, was detonated to coincide with the underwater nuclear attack on Fukushima. Fukushima's governor is among many who can testify.

There are many other individuals and organizations involved in this attack, but we believe that the above information is sufficient to launch a preliminary investigation ... "

That was just the beginning. COVID-19 also appeared, specifically what is kept for the mass murderer Bill Gates and his fellow criminal cartel criminals, and a famous photo of Bill Gates when he was arrested in his younger years.

The official story is that he was arrested for violating the movement.

However, CIA sources say that "the real fine was that Gates was found in his car with a minor boy in a compromising position in the back seat."

Recall another piece of news about a man arrested at Bill Gates' mansion for child porn?

CIA sources claim that he was in fact trying to destroy incriminating evidence against Gates for child porn.

Bill and Melinda Gates have already killed or maimed hundreds of thousands of people through infected vaccines.

Now let's take a closer look at what exactly was planned with COVID-19, this fake pandemic show.

We already know that biological weapons were created with the intention of killing millions of people. But the immunity of the human "herd" clearly weakened him. Therefore, they were forced to classify the natural deaths of mostly elderly people from COVID-19.

We learn from many sources, including Mi6, the Masons of P3 and the NSA (National Security Agency) what was the real sinister plan for a vaccination certificate (Covid).

The plan was to inject the population with microchips designed to interact with 5G electromagnetic waves to control humans. This sounds fantastic, but there is evidence, keep in mind that Bill Gates amassed his wealth from the Watson family, ie. IBM, which used tattoos to "track down Holocaust victims."

This means that the global mafia is working with long-term plans. Zagami once said that everything is in accordance with the planetary movements, ie. for centuries.

Now back to the "deep state", the coronavirus, the New World Order, etc. - how it works and who composes it.

Is what we are going to write true? In fact, no one can confirm the truth. It is a centuries-old secret conspiracy structure. We will give, as in the past, the general outline of events and the current situation, because now everyone knows that there is a so-called "world government", and the "deep state" is the very "top of the world", that in fact 8500 people rule the world "Although it would be a mistake to call people those who live on adrenochrome, ie Satanists, criminals and murderers.

So, coronavirus, pandemic, world government, "deep state", black nobles, royal dynasties, etc.

Who is who. And why.

England, and especially Elizabeth II, are not the main ones in the world and do not rule all countries and peoples. They are the same servants and "waiters" of more powerful families known as the Pater principum et Regum (fathers of kings and princes) or, more precisely, the Famiglie principesche romane.

The real world backstage government: this Roman papal princely families - Famiglie principesche romane or simply Nero Aristocrazia - "black aristocracy, nobility". Sovereign pontiffs, recognized by European monarchs, write about them as pater principum et regum / fathers of kings and princes /.

They are also representatives of the first and oldest Christian monarchy of Rome and Byzantium and have been associated with all the royal families of Europe over the centuries.

The "black aristocracy" chose London as their new banking headquarters, deliberately deciding to use the English language to colonize the world at the time.

They incorporated the Jewish Jews - Rothschild, Baruch, Warburg, Wallenberg, Aduri, Goldsmith, Oppenheimer, Dreyfus, etc., as a disguise for treasurers and accountants to divert the attention and envy of the crowd from themselves while their wealth and power were at work. . Their motto was "Money loves silence, and power is easier to keep when it's a secret."

According to the genealogy of heads of black aristocratic families, they are all close or distant relatives and their marriages have been very often incestuous for centuries, as these plans and mafias are hermetically sealed to preserve power and wealth in their circle for centuries.

Orsini House:

  • Domenico Napoleone Orsini, of the home of Chigi;
  • Mario Chigi, home of a column;
  • Marcantonio Colona, ​​Medici house;
  • Otaviano de 'Medici, home of Gaetani;
  • Bonifacio Gaetani, home of Pamphili;
  • Jonathan Doria Pamphili, house on Este;
  • Lorenz Este, house on Aldobrandini;
  • Giovanni Aldobrandini, home of Palavicini;
  • Maria Camila Palavicini, home of Savoy;
  • Emanoel Filiberto di Savoy, house in Ruspoli;
  • Francesco Ruspoli, home of Torlonia;
  • Giovanni Torlonia, home of Borghese;
  • Cipione Borghese, home of Massimo;
  • Fabrizio Massimo, home of Sachetti;
  • Urbano Sačeti, home of Farnese;
  • Prince Carlo, Duke of Castro, home of Borromeo;
  • Vitalino Borromeo, home of Barberini;
  • Urbano Barberini, home of Fuggar;
  • Hubertus Fuger-Babenhausen, house on Justinian;
  • Girolamo de Massa, home of Foscari;
  • Lorenzo de Medici;
  • Filippo Corsini, home of Crefenci;
  • Domenico Crescenti, home of Borgia;
  • Filippo Massimo-Lancelotti II, home of Sforza, etc.

But few people know that the current queen of the "black aristocracy" is Maria Camilla Palavicini, who has more power, more powerful influence than Queen Elizabeth II.

Palavicini ruled as princes in Genoa, Milan, Rome, Budapest and Vienna.

Pallavicinis - international corporate bankers of ancient banking origin from Genoa, are founders and owners of one of the oldest Genoese banks in the world - Banco di San Giorgio ("St. George"), the bank that financed the royal families of Europe and the expeditions of Christopher Columbus in America.

Horatio Palavicini was the financier of the British Crown in the war against Spain, and his family merged with the family of Cromwell, the leaders of the English Revolution, through several marriages, creating a variant of the name Palavicini.

Horatio Palavicini managed the expenses of Queen Elizabeth of England, gave money to the English crown and insatiably took a tenth in favor of the popes.

It was Giancarlo Palavicini who reformatted the USSR into the Russian Federation. He led the Knights of Malta in 1988 as Lieutenant of Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie - Grand Master of the Order.

The Palavicini banking family is based in the City of London, controls the Bank of England and is involved in global banking through its agents, the Knights of Malta and the Jesuit Order.

Palavicini controls his bank BNP Paribas with assets of 2 trillion euros. The Palavicini family led the Jesuits, participated in international banking, the Catholic Church and the Knights of Malta.

Global banker Prince Giancarlo Palavicini is from the princely family of the "black aristocracy" Palavicini, founders of the medieval royal bank Bank of Saint George - the mother of all central banks in the world and now the main bank for all central banks in the world and controlling 95% of the world economy Swiss Bank for International Settlements.

Giancarlo Palavicini specialized in economic globalism and was a chief Western adviser to the Soviet government during Gorbachev's "perestroika," an academician at the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In the mid-1980s, the Soviet government appointed Giancarlo Palavicini as the first Western consultant, a perestroika adviser. The Russian government and Yeltsin then appointed him to the State Committee for Reforming the Russian Economy.

In this capacity, he opposed Gorbachev's antitrust law, against the oligarchs, which weakened Gorbachev's position, against privatization by individuals and groups of oligarchs interested in easily acquiring the wealth and resources of the USSR. Consequently, Giancarlo Palavicini influenced subsequent political events in Russia.

In essence, it was Giancarlo Palavicini who created the Russian oligarchs and reformed the state Soviet economy into a Russian oligarchy, as it would have been easier for his royal family and all the "black nobility" to control the wealth of the Russian Federation through his agents - the Russian oligarchs, all of Jewish origin.

The Palavicini clan controls through its Bank for International Settlements in Basel Bank all the world's central banks, the IMF and the US Federal Reserve, as well as the Central Bank of Russia.

Not surprisingly, the US Federal Reserve building in New York has an architecturally identical facade to that of the Medici Palace and the Strozzi Palace in Florence. At the entrance, it is framed by two giant iron lanterns, exact replicas of those lanterns that once adorned the porch of the Strozzi Palace building in Florence.


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