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Bill Gates' Vaccines Aim to Seriously Reduce Earth's Population

By teo333 | top secret | 20 Apr 2020

When Bill Gates' prophecy about 'deadly virus outbreak' turned out ...

Now Bill Gates, along with his wife Melinda, are engaged in a "charity fund" whose activities are really aimed at implementing the "golden trillion" concept.

It is suggested that the project was launched on May 5, 2009 in a secret meeting between Bill Gates, David Rockefeller and Warren Buffett.

Gates is currently investing in medical technologies and birth control projects. They are known to be related to the sterilization of populations in third world countries through vaccination and promotion of GMO products.

At first, people are fed up with something that is incomprehensible, and then they go looking for drugs because they get worse, and then there are strange pills in beautiful packages waiting for them, one can only guess their side effects.

All of this is done in such a way that the elite have to live more adequately. The figures speak for themselves: 1% of wealthy Americans live 14.6 years longer than the same 1% of the poor. The difference will only increase.

It is no wonder that Gates, Buffett and the Rockefellers have invested not in oil but in shares of pharmaceutical companies as they fund drug development and medical research.

And all for what? To live longer and earn more.

Now, for example, among the elite is fashionable technogenic vampirism: the transfusion of young blood into the body of the old. PayPal founder Peter Thiel did it.
What do you know? Bill Gates is preparing for this in advance. Five years ago he spoke of an epidemic. And he even paid the Norwegian government to install the headquarters of his biological laboratory. Incidentally, Gates' most secret job is being done on a huge personal yacht. The milestone is that there are two twenty ton vacuum sealed tanks. Let's say these are hydrogen engines, but they are not. These are coolers to cool vaccines and viruses.

Regarding vaccination as a way to reduce the population, we must pay attention here: the children of the wealthy, including Gates, have not been vaccinated. Everyone has heard of the side effects and probably the true purpose of vaccines.

Also, in 2010, at a closed conference in California, Gate himself announced that the new vaccine would reduce the population by 10-15.

Do you still think that the coronavirus appeared exactly now

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top secret

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