What is Margin SnapEx? Details from AZ about Margin SnapEx

What is Margin SnapEx? Details from AZ about Margin SnapEx

What is SNAPEX?

SnapEx is a global service-oriented digital contract trading platform, with professional R&D and management teams, providing a robust trading system, safe and strict fund management. . SnapEx has offices in many parts of the world, including Seychelles, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc.

With the development of blockchain technology and the popularity of artificial intelligence technology, more and more users have a need to invest in digital assets.

However, the entry threshold was too high and the base user had no clue after the first contact. SnapEx advocates a low-cost, easy-to-understand way for users to take an important first step to achieving simple and quick cryptocurrency investment


Advantages of SnapEx

SnapEx provides customers with digital currency futures contracts. Unlike futures contracts, margin futures have no maturity limit.

The customer may keep this contract as long as there is sufficient margin in the account or until it is traded again. Margin trading is a type of financial market speculation that uses leverage to expand investments.

Leverage tools can help customers build warehouses in the market. Customers only need to invest in margin, but not all the money needed to set up a warehouse.

For investors who immediately spot cryptocurrencies, the short-term insurance of crypto assets can be conveniently facilitated with only a small investment through a SnapEx contract.

Therefore, users can lock in a volatile market and take advantage of a better position in a bull market.

In addition, SnapEx offers customers a wide range of leverage to meet different trading styles from strong to very strong: 10X 25X 50X 100X.

In particular, the combination of high leverage and low threshold trading mode helps to improve the efficiency of trading time and thus increase the entertainment of the transaction.

Interface to play Margin Trading on SnapEx

(1) Contract: main margin trading area
(2) Pairs traded on the Margin trading platform
(3) Order management area
(4) Order placement area



How to place a margin order on SnapEx

Market order

  • Buy / Long:You will get profit when the market goes up
  • Sell ​​/ Short:You will get profit when the market goes down
  • Market:For this order the price will be optimal for the user
  • Margin:The amount you want to enter
  • Leverage:Leverage 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x
  • SL:Stop-loss or stop-loss
  • TP:Take-profit or take profit

For example:

  • Orders Buy / Long:For example, current price is 10,145 BTC, you predict it will rise to 10600 and you want to stop loss 10000. Then when BTC hit command Buy / Long will be:
    SL: 10000 and TP: 10600 .
  • Orders Sell / Short: For example BTC price now is 10,145, you anticipate it will decrease in 9800 and you want to hit the hole when BTC command 10300. Then Sell / Short will be:
    SL: 10300 and TP: 9800 .


Limit command

  • Buy / Long:You will get profit when the market goes up
  • Sell ​​/ Short:You will get profit when the market goes down
  • Limit: Yourdesired price
  • Margin:The amount you want to enter
  • Leverage:Leverage 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x
  • SL:Stop-loss or stop-loss
  • TP:Take-profit or take profit

For example: 

  • Orders Buy / Long:For example, current price is 10,145 BTC, BTC when you predict the price will pop up 10600 10000 and you'll cut losses hitting a command 9900. Then Buy / Long will be:
    Limit: 10000 , SL: 9900 and TP:
  • Sell ​​/ ShortOrder  For example, the current BTC price is 10145, you predict BTC will decrease to 9800 when it reaches the area of ​​10600 and you will cut your loss when it reaches 10700. Then your Sell ​​/ Short order will be:
    Limit: 10600, SL: 10700 and TP:

Change leverage by pumping money

Usually the large levers, the amplitude between TP and SL is very short. Small leverage, the amplitude is large. In case you use a large lever and are about to touch SL. In order for this order to be free of SL, you must loosen TP and SL by reducing leverage. Depending on how much you pump money, the leverage will decrease accordingly.

Example: You are Buy / Long 5 USDT with a leverage of 100x. When the price of BTC falls to 9340 USDT you will be burnt this order. To order this does not fire, you just pump more 5 USDT. At this point, the leverage is only 50x and your SL drops to 9265 USDT.

How to change your Real account into a Demo account

New players who want to learn how to place orders and how to use them can use the Demo account. In Demo account you will receive 10,000 USDT to play try.

Convert on Website SnapEx

In the lower right corner of the screen, click on the word Real .


After the word Demo appears , you are in the Demo account. To switch back to your Real account, just click Demo and you 're done.


Q&A Snapex that you should know

1. Why choose Margin?

Margin is a form of leverage that optimizes your profits. Therefore, if you are sure the price will go up or down, you use 10x leverage will help your profit increase 10 times and vice versa, if wrong then understand yourself ...

2. Why is it Snapex?

All transactions on Snapex are converted into USD, when you deposit BTC, ETH, USDT will automatically convert to USD. Therefore, it is easy for you to know profit or loss. The interface is simple, easy to use, has a mobile app to easily manage activities anytime anywhere.

3. Do margin need to create wallet?

With Crypto, most need to create a wallet, but for Snapex alone, there is no need to create a wallet, you deposit USD directly from the exchange to Snapex and beat it, when profitable, you will withdraw to Exchange to sell.

4. How much capital is required to use Margin?

Without the margin minium, how much capital you need, you can enter 1 order $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 30, ... is up to you. It makes no difference whether you bet $ 100 or $ 1,000, except the pressure, from the pressure that leads to the wrong judgment.

5. Is Margin easy to make money?

Making money from the Crypto market in general and Margin in particular is very difficult, so it must be determined to be very difficult. The possibility of losing capital is high, so it is absolutely forbidden to fomo. You hit the break even or eat 30-50% 1 month is very successful already.

6. How to make money in this market?

This sentence is difficult to answer, but most of the winning pro follow a steel discipline, not broken.

+ For example, you have $ 100, you divide into 20 orders, $ 5 each order, rated technical training, gameplay, habits, ... If after 100 orders you breakeven or 50% interest proves you have good quality margin. Then deposit more playing money and still follow this principle.

+ A lot of you all in, finished burning out, at that time psychologically removed blood and borrowed money to continue playing and sml. Therefore, dividing 10-20 parts helps you to survive in this market. Once pro, then you hit $ 5 1 order is like 100 $ 1 order if you are large.

Effective Methods

When confused between 2 directions

Depending on the time you choose this method, when you are hesitating at a certain entry, you are sure that it will increase or decrease, the trend of increasing or decreasing more.

Then you can use RR21, you place a long order, a short order (choose a reasonable entry point). Applies to x50 or x100. Stoploss 80% and Take Profit 200%.

When it is strong pump or dump strong. one of the two orders will burn and lose 80%, and the remaining one will increase by 200%, the total is still profitable. Try this strategy on acc Demo or make the $ 5 test command.





After registration is complete, you continue to follow these steps to receive $ 100 free from the floor offline. Registration link : https://www.snapex.com/user/register?invite_code=8s8vog

Although it is a very new exchange, the expense of the prize shows SnapEx's desire to become a prestigious and powerful Margin trading platform with friendly, easy to use and like features. suitable for those who love to hit margin, Especially can be used on mobile easily and effectively. So, why hesitate any longer, try registering and playing on the Demo account now and always.



Sign up to receive $100 free : https://www.snapex.com

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