EXPERIMENT - Tracking Top 20 Cryptos Of 2022 - Month THREE - DOWN 14%

By ionutzu97 | Top 20 Experiment | 2 Apr 2022

I will continue to update the state of this experiment every month :) 
After a hard start, I can finally see some ups in the portfolio.

Let`s see the results of March.

Month Two - Down 14%


Highlights for the March 2022 Top 20 Portfolio: 

  • Almoust all of my crypto coins are on green,excepting the ATOM. 
  • 2 Coins are finally on profit since 1st January when I bought them.
  • After the second month of starting this experiment, the portfolio is down by 14%.
  • The biggest decrease is represented by ALGO which is down ~44%.
  • The biggest increase is represented by the LUNA which is up by ~24%, and is followed by NEAR,up by ~7.5%

March Ranking and Dropout Report


Ranking since 1 March ->1 April
  • XRP- down 1 place (#6->#7)
  • LUNA- down 2 places (#7->#9)
  • SHIB- down 1 place (#14->#15)
  • ATOM- down 2 places (#20->#22)
  • SOL- up 3 places (#9->#6)
  • DOGE- up 1 place (#13->#12)
  • ALGO- up 1 place (#29->#28)
  • NEAR - up 3 places (#22->#19)
  • BCH - up 1 place (#27->#26)
  • TRX - up 1 place (#26->#25)
Staking - Third month

After another month of staking,I will show you the results and the difference between just holding the crypto versus staking it:


So, as you can see, after 3 months of staking, the gains are up by another +14$.  If I would not stake it, my portfolio would value now 856.82$, but after 3 months of staking, getting me 14$, is worth 870.64$.

Short recap

March was the best month so far, but still DOWN with 14%(13% if you include staking,but I will not count that) from the start of the experiment. 

The best performer since 1 January, including staking rewards is LUNA, worth now 64.58$, after buying it for 50$ worth.  NEAR is worth 56.37,so another crypto on profit.

I have the hopes that this month the results will be much better and finally I will be close to make some profits.


I hope you enjoy reading my articles. If you have any questions,I am up for them.
If you have an idea or want to see something, I will do an experiment for that too. Have a great month.

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