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Fishing Master (An Arcade-Casino-GameFi Trinity): The New Unique Approach to how the Current Existing Gamefi Ecosystem among Blockchain Based Gaming Dapps Can Be Further Changed

By CrypticX77 | Too Deep In Crypto | 2 Jan 2022


Fishing Master:


Welcome to Fishing Master, a fertile ocean kingdom for you to go fishing together with fellows all around the world.

Fishing Master is one the latest additions among the numerous Play-to-Earn Games currently present in the Crypto Sphere, however, it is one of the first GameFi based game which provides a different approach to how the world currently views the current features and incentives being provided by other popular Games currently trending; the Main Huge Feature being the implementation of a new way to mining-Fishing as Mining (Fish2Earn) which is basically a combination of PoS+PoW and provides an alternative way to earn in which the system regularly rewards the players based on their bullet firing amount in periods and this feature is implemented in the Weekly Leaderboard Incentive Program which is another main feature among many others.

However, this was just a small overview of two of the Attractive and New Unique ways to draw people towards this New Game which has been completely redesigned and has been built by using the classic fishing video game which has been popular all over the world for more than a decade, which first came out in Japanese Arcades, as it's main core and now it has been released in its full complete state and is built using the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.


What Exactly Is This New Game Known As Fishing Master All About ?


Fishing Master is basically a Competitive, Multiplayer Arcade Blockchain Based Game with Realtime Gameplay in which people are tested based upon their skills, strategies  and patience.

Its a combination of both an Arcade and Casino playing system in which the players  compete to catch more Fish in the room to win more balance with 4 players taking each corner on the screen each one equipping a fishing cannon. In every session, different kinds of fish swims across the screen and where the players are required to deposit and spend bullets to fire on the various fish to earn points. Players can choose stronger cannons and larger multipliers which enhance their fishing efficiency but also their risk and the one who fires up all of their bullets loses the game. To win is to earn as many points as possible by shooting on fish with more return based on the size of the fish, the larger the fish the greater the return but the harder it gets to being caught.




In Fishing Master, you can:

  •   Catch fish beginning with just $10.
  •   Equip different types of cannons to win your profits efficiently.
  •   Compete with 3 online players in any realtime session.
  •   Spend $FMC to refill your fishing bullets / Sell your fishing bullets into $FMC.
  •   Get new cannon NFTs from the blindbox infinitely.
  •   Upgrade cannons with bullet shells.
  •   Purchase powerful cannon NFTs from the other players in the marketplace.


  • Sell your cannon NFTs to the other players in the marketplace and earn $FMC.

    You can also participate in the following bonus programs to earn extra prizes:  

  • Leaderboard Incentive Program - Fire up as many bullets as possible in one week and stay in the ranking range so you can receive bonus.


  • Referral Incentive Program - Introduce Fishing Master to your friends and don't forget to let them submit your address as the inviter so you can earn bonus.


  • VIP Level Program - Fire more to boost your account level and win your privileges.

What is GameFi?

GameFi is the crossover between DeFi and Play-to-Earn (P2E) blockchain gaming inside the Metaverse and Fishing Master is the first one to form a Blockchain Based Game with the perfect trinity of an Arcade-Casino-GameFi Experience with the inclusion of cryptocurrencies, NFT and DeFi technologies while maintaining the in-game experience. However there are two main significant differences:

  •  Players must convert the FMC token into Bullets for shooting. 1 FMC = 1 Bullet.
  • The first dedicated game stablecoin - Fishing Master Coin ($FMC) - pegged to $0.01, 1 FMC = 1 Bullet. The FMC-USDT liquidity is provided on Pancakeswap
  • Players must stake their Cannon NFTs into the inventory to equip the weapons in the game.

However, despite the new features, the gaming experience of a typical arcade based gaming experience is still kept intact since it's a game also meant to trigger many peoples old childhood memories as it is based upon a popular classical Japanese fishing video game as mentioned before.

The GameFi Ecosystem in Fishing Master:

The Main Highlights About the Gaming Mechanism in the game is how the GameFi Mechanism has been integrated into Fishing Master with the key inclusions being the presence of an algorithmic stablecoin, liquidity mining , NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens) and Decentralized Exchanging all of which have been  made possible by the existence of cryptocurrencies, Open finance and most importantly the contribution due to the Web 3.0 System; all of these contributing to the Ecosystem which exists in Fishing Master.


  • Fishing Master Coin (FMC):

Since there is a big Casino Factor built into the game, FMC needs to be invented as a Stablecoin in order to avoid huge price fluctuations.

FMC is naturally pegged to 1 cent rather than 1 dollar and can be issued everywhere but limited to 100,000,000,000 per blockchain, so the full market cap is $1B on a single network e.g. BSC.

An there is a stabiliser present which is a smart contract meant to keep FMC price around $0.01 (+/- 5%).

Accordingly, the players need not to worry about price fluctuations and late participants can enter without paying any extra costs along with making the game operate stably even in a bear market.

  • Cannons:

Cannons can be selected from over 20 types which are all different in every aspect; including barrel numbers, firing intervals, net sizes, damage rates, accuracy, bounce abilities and ballistic patterns-All of these determining the performance of the cannons.

Now we come to the NFTs component of the Game where players can spend their FMC to mint new cannot NFTs through blind boxes in the game or simply buy second hand ones present on the Market. They are all permanent assets and their quality affects fishing performance. They can also evolve and their will be futures upgrades of a live workshop enabling legendary cannon forging.





Fishing as Mining (Fish2Earn):


The competition for rewards is based on cannons firing upon fish based on the Casino Aspect of the Game which includes bet and probability and is almost like a combination of PoS and PoW.

This Unique Feature of fishing as a way of mining provides a different way to earn in which as mentioned before, the system regularly rewards the Players based on their bullet firing amount in periods and it leads to the second main feature which is the Weekly Leaderboard Incentive Program in which this feature of Fish2Earn is implemented.

The basis of the competition in the game is about the bullet firing amount of the players account and not the points it won, meaning that the key to win more reward is to fire as many times possible using the bullets deposited since the bullets are money and usually limited .

 The Gameplay is no longer about risking on big fish for large points, but it is all about how to safely fire more while having the account balance kept in the long term.

The players' performance from the mining angle is evaluated through a new concept called Cycle; A Cycle is one count that a player fires the exact amount of bullets equal to the game account's net deposit. The Concept of Understanding Cycle can be more well explained in detail with the following example :

 A Cycle is one count that a player fires the exact amount of bullets equal to the game account's net deposit. For example, if Alice deposited 10,000 FMC for 10,000 bullets, and then she fired 10,000 bullets during the gameplay while she is still having enough bullets in the inventory to keep playing, it means she has successfully finished a Cycle. Since the game is risky, in the worst scenario, if Alice fired up all her bullets ending up with a 1,000,000-bullet firing record, it is rational to say that she endured 100 Cycles. The more Cycles a player can endure, the higher capital efficiency he/she makes in the mining competition.


Weekly Leaderboard Incentive Program

Weekly Leaderboard Incentive Program is another way to earn in Fishing Master. This program offers a dynamic incentive pool every week to reward players who fire and deposit a lot. 

The incentive program began in December,2021, and will last for a total of 36 weeks. 

The bonus bullets, worth $90,000,000, will be distributed to each week's qualified participants.

In order for the players to get rewarded, they must meet the following requirements :

  • Each week a minimum number of 10,000 bullets must be fired. Otherwise the accounts won't be eligible to enter the ranking system of the bullet firing amount.
  • Be among the top 50% of players in the ranking system of the bullet firing amount.

The equation for the reward distribution is as follow:

weight=Bweekshotcost∗(Bcharge−Bwithdraw)weight = B_{weekshotcost} * ( B_{charge} - B_{withdraw} )weight=Bweekshotcost​∗(Bcharge​−Bwithdraw​)   cfb29adad75f854b7178ea981700b1ffd95262de640d7f4491f5307ed3dddb2d.png

  • B_weekshotcost   The amount of Bullets fired by the user for the week.
  •   B_charge The amount of Bullets filled by the user totally.
  •   B_withdraw The amount of Bullets sold by the user totally.

       Specially, if Bcharge - Bwithdraw < 1 then:        weight=Bweekshotcost∗1weight = B_{weekshotcost} * 1weight=Bweekshotcost​∗1   e25b71a64bd1da4b4e053514de21af212eb72b40a51c7e1e6317089b3854eddb.png   This system ensures two main effects:

1. For the players who deposit much, they would only need to make sure that they stay inside the top 50% ranking thus gaining enough rewards. Since firing is risky


, such players can choose more deposit rather than more firing to raise their account weight.

2. For the players who deposit less, they could fire more to raise the account weight. Although there could be some risk, the risk is limited to the deposit (exposure).


This incentive program provides a new source of income stream for the fishing enthusiasts. The main thing about this is that it provides players a path which doesn't force them to take too much risk on hunting for the big fish and instead can build unique strategies for themselves like more deposits or more shots.

This new GameFi model- encompassing the Fish2Earn and Staking as Mining has changed the norms and revolutionized the traditional Casino System.


Claim Your Reward:

You must claim your reward manually:




Referral Incentive Program:

Each time your invitees spend FMC on refilling Bullets, you will be rewarded a certain percentage of extra Bullets. Share your referral link with your friends and get rewarded even more along with the other earning sources available.   5eac613e549e22d96931df1a5b1197c8e13dd2dc3ade2397624665dd7c0ef27d.png  

Bonus Rates:

The bonus rates depend on the level of your account. 27c257eb325af2a327f625f9d0dfa6fe7b5990dd5d6fbf1cc23a64849e9a675d.png       

Contract Addresses

  • FMC BEP-20 Token Contract Address
  • Cannon NFT BEP-721 Token Contract Address

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FMC is a stablecoin. There is not any FMC fundraising plan. Please stay away from scams!


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