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Arc 8 by GAMEE

Arc8 Blockchain Gaming Dapp, A Hidden Gem About To Blow Up Soon

By CrypticX77 | Too Deep In Crypto | 3 Nov 2021

For those who still haven't tried out the new play to earn Blockchain Based Game called Arc 8 should really pay more attention towards this particular one since it's the first of its kind where many others have failed where Arc8 has beautifuly managed to integrate everything into their unique app with games that are smooth and easy to play without having any issues like most dapps of its kind.


It is a truly play to earn Blockhain Game where you do not necessary have to buy its Cryptocurrency known as Gamee, in order to play or aquire more of it but you can simply play for free and earn the gems you get rewarded with when you win against other people, and use them in live tournaments to compete with people where the rewards are given out in terms of Gamee Tokens and the winning prizes are worth a lot,along with providing some amount to everyone who are in the top 500 in terms of ranking in the leaderboards.


You can also play against other people in 1vs1 completions with either your gems or more importantly your Gamee tokens at stake.
I had unfortunately missed the initial mining period for the game however, the game is now fully functional and I believe that it has set a standard among its category and has achieved an integration with how the Games and the Dapp , along with the functionality of the entire Dapp ecosystem being at such a high level so early at in its initial release.


It's still quite underrated right now, however, I believe, it will soon become one of the top play to earn games very soon with even more improvements and even better functionality.





Feel free to use my referral code for those who sign up, helping both of us in some way in the game according to their refferal system:

Referral Code: HarisNawaz

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