Valuables: My Kids Are on Sale. Are You Selling Your Tweets?

Valuables: My Kids Are on Sale. Are You Selling Your Tweets?

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 11 Mar 2021

If you can buy all your favorite peeples tweets on Twitter, would you buy them? Who is buying them? Why buying tweets if you can look at them on Twitter anytime you want?
I am not sure... but that is how "art" and "collectables" work... I guess? You can buy and sell anything, including your NFT tweets.



It seems like people like this NFT tweet thing and paying good money for it, so why not selling your tweets right?

Me? I am not twitter superstar and I don't have no followers so pretty sure I won't make any money on my tweets, but some people have huge followers and they could make some money here and there on their tweets?

How to Sell Your Tweet on Valuables πŸ‘‡

Dtube Tutorial

Selling your tweets on Valuables is very simple.
Just go toΒ
and "Profile" page you can connect your Twitter account.



Once logged in with Twitter, go to your twitter and grab your twitter link.

twitter link

and then paste it into Valuables

sell tweet

And then you just need to "Tweet it" that you are selling your tweet and let all your followers know that is on sale.


That is it! Pretty simple right?
Well who wants to buy my tweets now? πŸ˜‚ My kids need to eat.

Probably nobody so I am not wasting my time on this, but maybe someday when my twitter goes to πŸš€
At least follow me on Twitter? It is free πŸ˜‰


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