Support Ethereum Projects Like Uniswap and DeFiZap And Win $2000 🤩
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Support Ethereum Projects Like Uniswap and DeFiZap And Win $2000 🤩

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 23 Mar 2020

PoolTogether teamed up with Gitcoin today to promote Gitcoin Grants projects.

And PoolTogether is giving away 1 PoolTogether ticket for everyone who made a donation!

Gitcoin has tons of public health grants, projects and developments going on that support Ethereum ecosystem.

Pick a project you like to support and donate to that project. Every donation counts even a small amount of $1 DAI will have a huge impact to the ecosystem.

Once you make a donation, you will receive a ticket to your address within 72 hours.

Details on this round of Gitcoin Grants


PoolTogether is a No-Loss DeFi "lottery" and 1 ticket has a chance to win $500 - $2000 DAI every week.

DeFi App PoolTogether: Easy And Free Way To Win DeFi Lotteries You Never Lose!

How to make a donation?

Go to Gitcoin grants page here and find a project you like to support.


Click on the project card and "Fund this Grant".

project card

Type in how much DAI you like to support and "Contribute to Grant".


Your wallet will display permission so click "Confirm".

wallet confirm

That is it. Pop up will show your contribution status and you can see it in the "Activity".


If you like to see your invoice, click "CONTRIBUTORS" and "Get invoice".


Get invoice will display your invoice like this.


I actually did another one for Uniswap and it looks like some grants accept different tokens.


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