Publish0x x Blurt Collaboration Will Save the World or Gas 🤔 Get More Rewards!

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 4 Sep 2020

Everybody is affected by high ETH transaction fees these days because of the DeFi Yield Farming craze. It is not just people that are affected by the fees. Even big crypto projects are affected by it and changing courses quickly. And then this happened 👇


Not only that, even if you get few payouts here and there, tokens are pretty much locked in your wallet because you can't move your assets.

Last night, I wanted to transfer some ETH to a different wallet, Metamask Mobile App 😲, but I couldn't.

Because it costs me $100 gas fee to transfer few bucks of ETH. It is insane and makes no sense to do anything with that kind of fee.

Some authors are doing pretty well so they might be able to deal with gas fees...

🎉August Money Report: Crypto is my Thunder Buddy!🎉  @PVMihalache


But they could still end up losing all that earnings if they move or trade tokens.

If you are just tipping on this platform to get some ETH and other tokens, all your earnings will become trash instantly, not just because the amounts are all small, but also the tokens will become unusable until you can afford the gas price.

Fun tipping data 👉

If you are tipping 20% author / 80% me, you would make avg 10 cents a day. (50/50 tipping is about 5-6 cents)

How long does it take to make minimum withdraw balance? And then the high gas fees? You do the math.

tip data

But anyway, if you are just tipping here, it will take forever, at least million years, for you to be able to do anything with the earnings.

This forces everyone to become a content creator so that every week would become your payday. But still, this doesn't solve the high gas price issue since earned tokens will still be stuck in your wallet and can't do anything until gas issue is resolved.

So what is the point of creating content here?

Well, I am not sure... BUT this is where Blurt  comes into play.

Blurt  is a blockchain based social media, "blogging" platform like Steemit  or Hive  and get rewarded for creating contents, and it has it's token, BLURT. I think many people have tried those platforms and had a bad taste in your mouth because of the low (no) rewards or whale culture or downvote wars. Blurt is similar but different. It is much more friendly and safe like Publish0x.

1 BLURT is $0.01 right now and it is not ERC-20 token so ETH gas fees won't affect BLURT token. IF Publish0x pays out in BLURT, you can actually use it on the Blurt platform or you can trade it for BTC or other tokens.

Blurt is beneficial for ALL the Publish0x authors!

Publish0x has various categories but it is more crypto focused and all the other categories like sports, art, music... etc are kind of hidden and tucked away. On Blurt, any contents are all welcomed and treated equally so that you can write about anything and everything and still have a chance to get rewarded big time.

If you are posting here, you can post the same thing on Blurt and double your rewards. If Publish0x pays in BLURT, you will get more BLURT POWER to increase your rewards even more so it has more potential for content creators.

What is in it for Publish0x?

BLURT is very cheap. This token will solve the payout issue. If ETH gas fee is too high, they just payout everything in BLURT. And BLURT can be traded to BTC, ETH or other token. 

BLURT is a token but not just another token. I think it's got huge potential and has benefits both Publish0x and Blurt and all the users on the platforms. Collaboration like this will make both platforms to the next level? 🤔

Good idea? Bad idea? What do you think? 

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