DeFi Uniswap: How to Catch Fresh UNI Guide (“free”)

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 17 Sep 2020

Uniswap has launched their governance token (UNI) and 60% of the token has been distributed to Uniswap "users". 1 billion UNI have been minted and will be available for next 4 years.

Who Users?

Have you EVER used Uniswap for anything? You might be able to claim 400 UNI tokens.

Have you swapped tokens on Uniswap? Have you added liquidity into Uniswap pool? Have you called Uniswap and the transaction failed?

If you connected your wallet and used it, you can claim 400 UNI, even a failed transaction will get you qualified for this distribution 👇

400 UNI are claimable by each address that has ever called the Uniswap v1 or v2 contracts. This includes ~12,000 addresses that have only ever submitted failed transactions — love you guys.

Introducing UNI

How to claim UNI token

Go to Uniswap app and connect your wallet, and claim 400 UNI token will show up automatically.

Here is a clam video I made on Dtube!/v/tomoyan/QmPCvSzYihCKdRQYtbQXnXEa2iu5H7ysc5e3cbu5qHvec9

Claiming process itself is very simple, but some people are having a hard time claiming UNI because the site issue.



This happened to me too...


and if you have the same problem, use this site instead

Claiming is NOT free

I connected my coinbase wallet and tried to claimed UNI... the transaction took about 30 minutes and it failed 👇

expensive fail

I paid $9.40 for nothing.

In fact, other coinbase wallet users are having the same transaction problem because the wallet can't handle the high gas price and adjust the Gwei price before submitting a transaction. So if you are using coinbase wallet, you might want to wait on the UNI claim until the gas price comes down, otherwise you might get screwed like me.

(but there is a way though... maybe i will do another post for this later)

User or Address?

UNI distribution is NOT per user.

Do you have more than one wallet? You might want to check all your forgotten wallets because 400 UNI is per address.


I have tried out so many wallets, MetaMask, Brave wallet, coinbase wallet... I always hated that I have too many wallets.

But having multiple wallets (addresses) could be a great thing this time.

How to successfully claim UNI using Crypto Wallet (Brave wallet)

Process is exactly the same, this time more images ;)

Go to the app and connect crypto wallet.

uniswap app

Click "Claim UNI"

claim uni

Before you "Confirm", check the gas price.

Go to ETH GAS station here and make sure you are paying at lease STANDARD Gwai price.

eth gas

I paid a little more than FAST because I didn't want the transaction to be stuck or failed again. But the gas price was $17.25 this time!

gas price

Claimed 400 UNI instantly.


But the token would probably not show up automatically in your wallet, so you need to add UNI token manually.

add token

Click "Custom Token" and paste the contract address.

UNI contract address: 0x1f9840a85d5aF5bf1D1762F925BDADdC4201F984

You can check the contract address here on Etherscan to make sure you are using the correct one.

add uni token

Once it is added, UNI will show up in the wallet 🎉

uni in wallet

If you didn't get UNI token, you can swap tokens and HODL it.


Liquidity mining is coming soon so liquidity providers can earn UNI token from these pools





More info.

Would you risk $20 to get $1400?

token price


It is totally up to you.


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