Ampleforth ETH + AMPL: Zap into Liquidity Pool in 1 Click

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 25 Jul 2020

I know Ampleforth (AMPL) has been a hot topic for a while and last week AMPL took off and then came back down.


So it had this typical "DeFi Moon" moment. I felt like I missed the train and it is too late to jump in so I never touched it because I thought it would be like COMP or everything else that goes up crazy and that's the end of it normally.

But I kept monitoring this number 👇 and I thought it would go down to 0% in no time...



But it doesn't seem to go down. So decided to zap into the pool.

BTW, is a good tool to check on liquidity pools like this 👇


Pools covers pretty much everything like balancer stuff, curve stuff and Uniswap and shows ROI history, what is stable, what is incentivized and all that good stuff is all in here.

If you find a pool that you like, click on the pool and "Your Shares", you can add/remove liquidity here.


These are actually just links so if you click them, they will redirect you to the actual page like Uniswap and you have to add liquidity from there.

Invest into liquidity pool

Adding liquidity is a very complicated process. You need a PhD in serious math and mad science and it also requires 5 year industry experience.

There is a lot going on and it makes me tired just thinking about it.

I think of it like baking. Equal parts ETH and AMPL and put them in to a mixing bowl and shake shake few times.

You will get this delicious trading shares at the end... fingers crossed.


The most important key ingredient is the "EQUAL PARTS".

If you have 1 ETH budget and want to join the pool, you have to prepare

  • half a cup of ETH which is 0.5 ETH
  • half a cup of AMPL which is about 64 AMPL (~0.5 ETH)

uniswap ampl

Once you got them ready to go, click "Pool" and "Add Liquidity"

uniswap pool

no good liquidity

But then who has equal parts of any tokens in your wallet?

If you don't have AMPL, you have to get some AMPL. If you swap tokens to get AMPL, you need to pay expensive fees. If this is your first time, you need to unlock tokens. And how much AMPL is the equal amount ETH you have?

It is just way too much work and this is why you need PhD in everything. If you do this process good for you. I never pool this way because...

There is an app for that is a great tool. Just go there and connect your wallet and you are ready to go.

Adding liquidity is so easy. Click "Invest" and "Add Liquidity"

zapperfi invest

Great thing about is that you don't have worry about equal parts of this token or other token. They will do it for you.

So if you want to invest 1 ETH, will split it in half and make it 50-50 automatically. 

You don't have to swap tokens manually or anything. All you have to do is "Confirm".


This will get you zap into the pool in one click. It will save time, money and brain power.

Once you are in, you can check it like this 👇

check liquidity

Since ETH / AMPL pool is an incentivized pool meaning that providing liquidity into this pool will get you extra AMPL rewards.

Just click on "Stake" and "Confirm", you will earn more AMPL.


This is basically same as the Ampleforth Geyser but you don't have to go there to stake AMPL. You can do everything inside Zapper.

If you decide to withdraw, you can zap out in 1 click too. Just click "Withdraw" anytime to take your money out.

zap out

My initial investment was $53 two days ago.

small investiment

Today it is about $65 so I will keep going and HODL it for a while see what is going to happen.

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